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VIRUS TRACKER – September 30: 121 New COVID-19 cases in Hawaii


Hawaii health officials reported 121 new cases of COVID-19 statewide on Wednesday and two deaths in Oahu.

There are currently 140 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the state, including 47 people in intensive care. The state’s ICU beds have 70% capacity. The state’s quarantine facilities have a capacity of 32%, with 140 people in government-provided rooms.

As of Tuesday, 21 residents and six staff members had tested positive for coronavirus at a nursing home in Liliha.

The Department of Health has reassigned staff to ease the workload for the state’s contact research team, but the agency is still struggling to reach everyone with the virus.

Healthcare workers were unable to reach four out of 10 people who tested positive for the virus in the first two weeks of September, according to data provided by the health department. Last weekend alone, a quarter of the case files had an invalid phone number.

In the past 24 hours, 5.9% of tests across the state were positive.

Oahu’s framework for reopening is based on two metrics: the average number of cases per day and the average number of tests that test positive each week, a figure called the rate of positivity.

Over the past seven days, 4.3% of COVID-19 tests on Oahu have tested positive, and the island has seen an average of 102 new cases reported every day.

The plan has four categories or levels for reopening. Honolulu starts at Level 1, the most restrictive level. To reach level 4, the most relaxed level, the island needs a seven-day average positivity rate of less than 1% and an average of less than 20 new cases per day.

The Department of Health has recorded 136 COVID-19-related deaths to date, but this does not include many of the reported deaths on the island of Hawaii. Civil Beat has calculated 149 deaths so far, including 28 in Hawaii County – 26 of which have been associated with an outbreak at the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home in Hilo.

For more information, see the Hawaii Department of Health COVID-19 site and the Hawaii Data Collaborative COVID-19 monitoring site.

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