vivo mobile phone ceiling folding screen X Fold+ first sale tomorrow: 9999 yuan rare_Design_Presale_Privacy

Original title: vivo X Fold+ cell phone ceiling folding screen first sale tomorrow: 9999 yuan rare

Vivo mobile phone ceiling folding screen X Fold + first sale tomorrow: 9999 yuan rare

This new product will be pre-sold on major platforms on September 26. From today, All versions of vivo X Fold+ are sold out on vivo’s official website, and demand is low.The official sales report shows that the online pre-sale of this folding screen mobile phone is 5 times more than the X Fold in the same period.

Notably, vivo X Fold+ adapts the SPU security processing unit, atomic privacy system and stealth mode to achieve more security functions and prevent privacy leaks.

This mobile phone is also the first folding screen in the industry to realize 5G dual card dual pass, without lost connections, continuous calls, and continuous Internet access, which effectively ensures, when users use dual 5G cards, simultaneous dual card. calls, games, and data networks can be used at the same time Smoothness of the scene.

In terms of industrial design, vivo X Fold+ continues the design language of vivo X Fold, and takes the square and round sky-level design as a source of inspiration. The ID design team uses square basic elements to build a visual sense of atmospheric balance in a Mae’ r combination highlights the grand momentum of Ji Dacheng.

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