Volkswagen unveils GEN.TRAVEL with interior doors and a relaxing wishbone

Volkswagen Group unveils the GEN.TRAVEL concept car that reflects the future of travel Highlights with a fully automatic driving system (Level 5) with a door that opens with a wishbone design.

GEN.TRAVAL is a concept vehicle of the Volkswagen Group which has been developed to be halfway between a sedan and an MPV SUV, which can drive fully automated to the destination. This allows drivers to relax and spend time on other activities. fully Whether it’s working, spending time with the family or even watching entertainment According to the Volkswagen Group, this vehicle reflects the concept of futuristic travel.

The GEN.TRAVEL prototype comes with a door that can be opened with a wishbone to increase ease of entry and exit. It is also decorated with large panes of glass around the car. Enhanced with concave mirrors at passenger center level, also increasing visibility. but again Volkswagen states that if the passenger lies flat on the cabin floor they are cut off from the outside world for complete relaxation


The GEN.TRAVEL cabin can accommodate up to 4 seats, it can be converted into a small conference room with a writing desk in the middle of the cabin. There is also a dynamic lighting system to create a suitable working atmosphere. And it can also prevent motion sickness that might occur. or if you want to relax while traveling The seat can be converted into 2 flat beds in order to relax as much as possible. Volkswagen says it has developed advanced safety systems to protect against potential hazards even when passengers are lying flat.

In addition, the interior lights are designed to stimulate melatonin in the body. Allows passengers to sleep and wake up naturally. There is also a virtual reality (AR – Augmented Reality) entertainment system especially for children. including the use of environmentally friendly materials All biodegradable


GEN.TRAVEL also has an eABC (Electric Active Body Control) suspension system that can predict the car’s vertical and horizontal movement. This will increase the comfort of the trip. And it can also adjust the working style of the suspension to suit the driving style. Including automatic driving in front of the car in convoy to maximize the driving distance.

However, Volkswagen has not stated that GEN.TRAVEL will be produced for actual sales.

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