Weak Government Critics Watch Super Powerful Claims for Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Claim campaign drugs modern or traditional medicine such as antidotes corona virus Covid-19 is scattered in the wider community. The government was asked to resolutely deal with claims of these drugs because they were considered harmful to the community.

Government oversight of these claims is also considered to be very weak.

“There are so many claims like this, a drug can overcome Covid-19. This needs a comprehensive policy, if not we like tossed around,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Health Law Lecturer Association Mohammad Nasser, YLKI discussion, Sunday (28/6).

Nasser explained the claims of medicines that were widely spread in the community led people to believe that the drugs were effective in overcoming Covid-19.

This can be fatal from the scarcity of drugs, the increase in drug prices, to the misuse of drugs, including the use that is not according to doctor’s prescription.

Use that is not according to the doctor’s prescription can cause severe side effects.

Some cases of drug claims that occur such as Hidroxychloroquine, dexamethasone, up to a number of herbs that are claimed to overcome Covid-19.

University of Indonesia public health expert Pandu Riono also assesses that until now the government has not firmly communicated the drugs related to Covid-19.

“Who is responsible? That this drug has not been proven. The government must stand up communicating to the community, “said Pandu.

Lung specialist who treats Covid-19 patient Erlina Burhan explained that there is currently no cure or vaccine for Covid-19. Drugs given to patients are drugs to reduce symptoms. While traditional medicines are generally antioxidants or to enhance the body’s immunity.

“Specific drugs do not yet exist, vaccines do not yet exist. Traditional medicines such as herbal medicine are not the main drug but as an antioxidant and immunomodulator. While not dangerous, it must be used, but it must have been tested in clinical trials first,” Erlina said.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) stated that it continues to conduct surveillance of medicines on the market.

“Supervision of misleading advertisements or information is done through supervision, guidance and reprimands. We have also withdrawn the sale of medicines that do not have marketing authorizations, especially online, but the growth is also continuing. Related panic buying very quickly, BPOM has also provided an explanation through the website and social media, “said BPOM Drug Registration Director Lucia Rizka Andalusia.


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