What foods reduce visceral fat and lower blood pressure?

Reduces dietary fibre, visceral fat and lowers cholesterol

Seaweed is low in calories and helps control blood pressure. [사진=게티이미지]

When visceral fat increases, it can be susceptible to various diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and can cause inconvenience in daily life such as abdominal distension. Visceral fat, where fat accumulates between organs around the abdomen, increases the risk of vascular diseases such as heart disease (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction) and stroke (cerebral infarction, cerebral haemorrhage). Are there any good lifestyle habits to reduce visceral fat?

◆ I was fine when I was younger… I’m middle-aged and my stomach is fat, why?

Women are at increased risk of obesity and vascular disease before and after menopause. This is because as estrogen (a female hormone) rapidly decreases or disappears, the fat in the corners of the body shifts to visceral fat, causing abdominal obesity. If you maintain the same appetite as you did when you were young and neglect exercise, you will inevitably gain weight. The problem is that the increase in visceral fat increases the risk of dangerous heart disease and stroke. Middle-aged women with a lot of visceral fat should be cautious about the risk of stroke.

◆ The importance of dietary fiber… Why vegetables and fruit are good for you

Dietary fiber (fibre, fiber) is a representative element of vegetables and fruits. It is known to contribute to bowel movement and bowel movements, but the function of reducing visceral fat and lowering cholesterol directly is very important. If you eat enough water-soluble dietary fiber, you’ll feel full, which will help you lose weight. When you are middle-aged, reduce rice and flour foods, and sprinkle olive oil high in unsaturated fatty acids on natural vegetables to prevent and control abdominal obesity.

◆ Seaweed such as seaweed and seaweed

Seaweed is also rich in dietary fibre. Seaweed is a healthy food with very few calories and rich in vitamins and minerals. If you do not make seaweed dishes salty, it will help you lose weight and lose weight. Laminin, a basic amino acid in seaweed and seaweed, works to lower blood pressure. Dried seaweed is rich in protein and calcium, so it is good for middle-aged women who are concerned about muscle loss and bone health.

◆ Brown rice, barley

According to the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, sprouted brown rice contains 3 times more fiber, 5 times more calcium, and 5 times more vitamins than white rice. It helps to reduce visceral fat in the body. It also contains many essential amino acids such as gamma oryzanol, which is good for preventing vascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke. If brown rice is not digested well, it is useful to eat it by adjusting the ratio of white rice according to the condition of the body. The beta-glucan component of barley prevents cholesterol synthesis in the liver, helps regulate blood sugar, and reduces weight gain.

◆ legumes

Soya beans are a very good food for menopausal women. It is phytoestrogens that are rich in isoflavones and help prevent and treat breast cancer, uterine cancer, and osteoporosis, which are major menopausal diseases. It helps control blood pressure and prevents calcium loss. The lipid component in soybean prevents cardiovascular diseases, and dietary fiber is good for improving intestinal function and helps prevent obesity management by reducing visceral fat.

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