What if you meet the smart M8 by MBTI type?

Depending on the MBTI type (personality type test) established as the MZ generation culture, the method of using the Samsung Electronics ‘Smart Monitor M8’ varies.

The M8 smart monitor, which was first introduced in the domestic market earlier this year, has a slim design of 11.4mm that allows efficient use of space and is packed with various convenient functions for effective work. In particular, it is convenient to work from home or hold remote meetings by using a detachable SlimFit Cam.

M8 smart monitor can be used in different ways from cultural life to work according to MBTI type.

According to Samsung Electronics Newsroom on the 2nd, ‘I’, who has many things he wants to do alone, enjoys his favorite movies and dramas comfortably with the M8 smart monitor. If you connect to Wi-Fi, you can enjoy various OTT services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus without a separate PC or TV, making your alone time more abundant.

‘E’, who is alone at home, communicates with friends through the ‘Slim Fit Camera’ installed on the M8 smart monitor. In addition, you can video chat with convenient features such as ‘Face Tracking’, which automatically adjusts the person to the center of the screen even if the other party moves during a video connection, and ‘Auto Zoom’ , which automatically zooms in on the face. have

‘N’, who is full of imagination and has a hobby of decorating the house, is an M8 smart monitor with a slim design of 11.4mm that can use space efficiently.

The pragmatist ‘S’ has a built-in IoT hub, so it is useful to check the status of all IoT devices connected to the smart monitor at once. In addition, through Bixby, you can perform necessary content, such as turning on or off the lights in a desired space, only with voice commands while watching content.

Streaming without a PC or console device is easy, and with just one controller, T and F can enjoy the game they want according to their taste. Smart Monitor M8 has a built-in ‘Samsung Gaming Hub’, a streaming game platform interaction service, so you can play cloud games like Xbox without connecting to a separate device, downloading, or storing devices.

Full of improvisational ideas, ‘P’ can now record every idea without missing a beat thanks to the M8 smart monitor. If you connect to Wi-Fi, you can easily work on documents such as Word, Excel, and PPT using the built-in Microsoft 365 as well as Internet search and email.

‘J’, a detail craftsman, can use easy screen interlocks such as ‘mobile tab view’ or ‘screen mirroring’. You can check the details of your work by displaying the content you see on the small screen on the mobile phone on the smart monitor.

Reporter Jin-ju Jeong, Global Economics, [email protected]

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