What is the possibility of a Hanshin / Toritani trainer being born? Baseball OB boldly predicts … If Mr. Akifu Okada is “totally talking”: J-CAST News[Arddangosfa testun llawn]

Yutaka Takagi (63), a baseball commentator who was active in professional baseball Yokohama Bay Stars and Nippon Ham, updated his YouTube channel on October 2, 2022, and made his own predictions about the formation of the Hanshin government next season. Director Yodai Yano (53) of Hanshin has announced his retirement at the end of this season, and next season will be a fresh start under the new manager.

  • Mr. Toritani during his time at Hanshin (Photo: AP / Aflo)

  • Mr.  Toritani during his time at Hanshin (Photo: AP / Aflo)

Imaoka and Toritani are future director candidates

Sports newspapers and other media reported on September 27 that former team manager Akifu Okada (64) has been unofficially appointed as the next team manager. In the video, Mr. Takagi Cabinet line Okada next season based on these reports.

According to media reports, Katsuo Hirata (63), the second commander of the army, will be appointed as the head coach of the new system, Yutaka Wada (60), the technical adviser of the baseball team’s headquarters, will be appointed as the second army manager, and Yuya Ando (60) will be appointed as the army’s first pitcher coach. 44), Tomoyuki Kubota (41) says there is a possibility of internal promotion of the two 2nd army instructors.

Although there were several other candidates, the staff asked, “The names of Mr. Imaoka (Maiwa = 48) and Mr. Toritani (Kei = 41) have also been mentioned. What do you think will happen?” When asked to him, Takagi developed his theory that Imaoka and Toritani were candidates for future training.

He emphasized, “Toritani should definitely wear (the uniform). You should definitely wear it. Okada-san’s junior (Waseda University), so if you work under Okada-san, you will definitely learn a lot.” Okada’s lifetime ) Toritani came in first in the draft. At that time, Fujimoto (Atsushi) was protecting the shortstop.

If Yoshihiko Takahashi is a base running coach, he will definitely go one spot higher.

He added, “It’s like a general coach, and Toritani is under Director Okada. Director Okada, Hirata’s boss, and Toritani’s general coach. If you want to give advice to Toriya, you should definitely wear it. Then you will be a manager Yes, Imaoka, Toritani, Fujikawa. Because it’s a battle for supremacy. For the next generation. If you want to stay one step ahead, you should definitely stay here. while”, your seat will be taken. Mistake People starting to move,” he continued.

And since Mr. Toriya is a junior from Mr. Okada’s university, he guessed, “I think he will definitely call out,” and raised his expectations, saying, “I would like to see Mr. Toriya as a director.”

In addition, the position of the coach who is expected to come up as a candidate in the future is “running coach”, and Mr. Yoshihiko Takahashi (65), who won the title of base stealing king three times while playing for Hiroshima, Lotte, and Hanshin, fittingly, expressed his opinion.

Mr. said Takagi, “I think Mr. Yoshihiko should go (base running coach). Mr. Yoshihiko’s way of thinking and base running technique is sure. I think Mr. Okada probably recognizes this.” “Mr. .It was Yoshihiko who coached Lotte’s (Tsuyoshi) Nishioka in baserunning.

Hanshin finished the season with 68 wins, 71 losses and 4 draws in the match against Yakult on October 2, finishing 3rd in the league. He will play against second-place DeNA in the Central League (CS) Climax Series, which will begin on the 8th.

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