which animal do you see first?

Personality test: which is the first animal you notice in the figure? The answer reveals distinctive traits of your character.

you see a rabbit or a duck

This type of test is based on the cognitive psychology who, frequently, tests some images. In this case, you simply need to answer this question. What did you first notice between the duck and the rabbit? The answer reveals interesting traits of your character.

Which animal did you notice first?

It is difficult to grasp all the elements represented in the figure at the same time. The following test was developed by the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow in order to deepen their studies on the subject. But which one between the duck and the rabbit caught your attention immediately? Here are the corresponding profiles:


If you noticed the first rabbit and immediately after the duck, it means that you are a person who loves to free her and live intensely every moment of daily life.

You are a free spirit: traveling and always meeting new people and places is a way to enrich your wealth of skills and knowledge. Your creativity and your being so original allow you to shine in any situation.


If your gaze was captured first by theduck and then from the rabbit, it means that you are a determined and courageous person. You are smart and have a great ability to solve problems quickly.

You never give up and always give your best to carry out what is planned. You have a great energy and your being so positive puts everyone in a good mood. Never stop being the beautiful person you are.

NB The assessments are only of curiosity and entertainment character.

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