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“If Portugal won the World Cup, they would prefer not to score.”

Ronaldo, who is expected to make history, swore in his child’s name.

Today’s focus is on Portugal’s Ronaldo and Brazil’s Neymar.

At 0 o’clock on November 25th, Beijing time, the Portuguese team led by Ronaldo will host the first match of the group stage against Ghana. This was also the fifth and last World Cup in which Messi and Ronaldo took part. If there is a goal, Ronaldo will be the first player in history to score goals in five consecutive World Cups.

There is a saying in the World Cup in Qatar, that is, “Twilight Battle of the Gods”, Messi’s fifth time, Ronaldo’s fifth, Neymar’s third time, Mbappe’s third time…Who will leave the field unfortunately? And who will write miracles?

On November 22, Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in a big upset. The veteran Messi still contributed a goal. At 0:00 on November 25, Ronaldo and Neymar will go out again? Who is the king of football? Will the upset continue? ?Who will be the footballer of this World Cup?

Who is the “King” of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Brazil, undefeated in the South American qualifiers, are well ahead of all the teams behind them. Brazil not only has Neymar, but also has the best wingers in the world, the best central defenders in the world, the world’s top goalkeepers and the world’s best midfielders.

France, the defending champion, the absolute favorite team, Mbappe at his peak, Benzema set for the golden goal, and many stars in the front, middle and back court.

Argentina, led by Messi, has an unbeaten record of 36 games before this upset. The starters in every position are suitable, and their real strength should not be underestimated.

England, the total value of the players is 1.26 billion euros, and the first good start of the “most expensive” England has just begun to emerge. 6 goals were scored in the first game! A group of post-00s swept the old Iranian team “Asian King”, and there were all kinds of amazing slide scenes!

The World Cup has undoubtedly attracted the attention of the whole world. Not only fans watch the World Cup, but ordinary people also watch the World Cup.

Soccer is attractive Even if the world ranking is 50 places worse, a team with more than one billion starts may not necessarily be able to win. Compared to other sports, it is often by World Cup football matches more variables.

In addition to winning or losing, the taste of football has not disappeared, it shows in another way, that is the art of football.

The artistic pictures that appeared in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are goals that cannot actually be acted upon. They are really too artistic. This is the art and beauty of football~

Glory King Art Tools

Gorenje, as the official sponsor of the Gorenje World Cup 2022, “connects football, and the boat is art.” If the outcome of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is uncertain, the king is uncertain; but the king of art tools must be Gorenje.

Since 1950, gorenje has always been committed to high-quality lifestyles, adhering to the design concept of integrating technology and art, and has become the leading brand of color home appliances in Europe. The product design has won the Red Dot Design Award for 16 consecutive years, and has won many international design awards such as the ICSID Award and the Plus X Award for several times, and is sold well in more than 100 from countries and regions around the world. .

Gorenje has collaborated with first-class art masters such as Philippe Starck and Ora-ito many times, and crowned the “King of Art Appliances” brand position. Give home appliances the richest functions and the simplest and most perfect visual sense through artistic creation. Reversing the tradition and meeting the simple and elegant future.

I hope life is like the World Cup, full of passion and art, keep scoring goals, not just art.

The twilight battle of the gods has begun, and we look forward to more artistic performances from the great gods of the World Cup in Qatar.

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