Who will replace Lee Young-pyo? Gangwon Football Club’s new representative announced this week… Criticism?

After the start of the match between Gangwon FC and Suwon FC held at the main stadium of Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on August 15, Governor Kim Jin-tae goes to the stand led by CEO Lee Young-pyo . (News 1 DB)

Although Gangwon FC CEO Lee Young-pyo’s contract renewal fell through, interest is growing as to whether Gangwon-do can calm public opinion by announcing a new CEO this week.

According to the province on the 7th, the province plans to announce the representative of Gangwon FC this week. The province has set a policy to be announced as soon as possible for institutional takeover and stability. Given his relationship with Gangwon FC coach Choi Yong-su, he is said to be considering a star at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

However, the province faced internal and external criticism. Kangwon FC director Hong Seok-pyo, a professor at Kangwon National University, asked the club to convene a board meeting on the 2nd. Professor Hong said he would exchange views with the directors regarding the failure of Lee Young-pyo, CEO of Gangwon FC, to renew the contract through the board of directors.

An official from Gangwon FC said, “(the department) has heard the request for a board meeting and is discussing the timing of the meeting.”

Gangwon FC Narsha Supporters Chairman Jeon In-pyo plans to visit the provincial government office on the 8th with an online signature requesting the reappointment of CEO Lee Young-pyo.

Director Choi Yong-su. (News 1 DB)

Previously, the former president said, “I am a person who has worked hard for the development of Gangwon FC, but I do not know if this happens as soon as the governor changes. They have been integration,” he added.

There are political reasons for Lee’s failure to renew his contract. Kim Jin-tae, the governor of the People’s Power, was elected governor of Gangwon-do through local elections on June 1.

As a result, rumors spread around town that Lee Moon-soon, the former governor of the Democratic Party of Korea, who had served as the head of Gangwon FC since the days of former governor Jeong-in Lee, might be replaced.

In the end, the concern became a reality, and the province took the position that it was right to collaborate with the new representative as a new way had appeared on the surface.

However, some point out that the change of CEO after another two years will have an impact not only on the Gangwon FC secretariat, but also on the players.

As part of Gangwon FC’s local close-knit activities, a commemorative photo taken by Lee Young-pyo, the secretariat staff, and the soccer team of the Gangwon-do Fire Department after the soccer match (captured by Gangwon FC YouTube)

In the transition from former Gangwon FC CEO Park Jong-wan to Gangwon FC CEO Lee Young-pyo in 2020, there was confusion in the early stages of identifying tasks and recruiting players. It is known that the CEO Lee at the time worked hard to hold the players who did not have many contracts left.

Also from the same province, coach Kim Byung-soo and CEO Lee Young-pyo expected ‘chemistry’, but in the end, manager Kim resigned due to poor performance in the middle of the league.

After Lee’s efforts, coach Choi Yong-su took over as head coach of Gangwon FC and led the relegation playoffs to victory, leading them to stay in the K-League 1. This year, CEO Lee reorganized the secretarial organization, large-scale player recruitment, and progressed to the top division and finished sixth in the league.

In addition, since the establishment of CEO Lee, it is evaluated that sponsors and social contribution activities have diversified.

An employee of Gangwon FC said, “I don’t think there has ever been such a representative. They understand the workers’ feelings well and I can feel that they love Gangwon FC.”

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