Why Josh Hutcherson compared “The Hunger Games” to a university experience

Although Josh Hutcherson appeared in a handful of big blockbuster movies – Bridge to Terabithia, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Zathura, and more – he is best known for playing Peeta Mellark in The hunger Games franchise. He is the son of the District 12 baker – the strong boy with a heart of gold – who captures the heart of Katniss Everdeen (possibly).

Josh Hutcherson achieved stardom in the back of The hunger Games, and it remains intimately linked to the franchise and the character in the minds of the fans. During an interview with Weekly entertainment, Hutcherson reflected on some of his best-known Hollywood roles, and explained why The hunger Games was his version of a university experience.

Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games
Actor Josh Hutcherson arrives at AFI FEST 2017 presented by Audi – screening of ‘The Disaster Artist’ | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Josh Hutcherson talks about “The Hunger Games”

Before The hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson had not yet entered a role; he had not yet left his hometown and family for a long period of time to work on a project. He explained:

It was like my university… It was like such a transition to adulthood for me. It was the first time I was away from my family and alone.


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While Josh Hutcherson was probably ready to take on the character and excited for the occasion, the fame that followed was unexplored territory for the young actor. He told EW that he should think before taking over a role with such a large global presence. He said:

They were worlds apart from everything I’ve ever experienced. It’s like a double-edged sword. Obviously, the benefit of having more projects to come is great. But when I decided to become an actor at 8, being famous and recognized was not on my radar. I just wanted to make movies. This naivety followed me until The Hunger Games slapped my face. It’s hard for anyone to digest, especially being a child from Kentucky. It made me realize the kind of actor I wanted to be. The idea of ​​making big, big projects that make you even better known doesn’t seem as appetizing. If this opportunity came up again, I should think about it more.


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What has Josh Hutcherson been doing since “The Hunger Games”?

Josh Hutcherson starred in a handful of movies and shows, but, true to his comments above, they weren’t as “fat” as The hunger Games. Josh Hutcherson played Josh Futturman in the TV series Future man from 2017 to 2020. He also played the role of Billy in Burn and Ryan in Paquita Salas. Hutcherson also appeared as Denny in The disaster artist.

As for upcoming projects, Josh Hutcherson will play Ricco in the TV movie Rita, which is currently in post-production. The film will follow an obstinate mother and a teacher who confronts all types of authority (and her family) in an unconventional way. Hutcherson will act alongside Lena Headey and Lauren Stamile.

Hutcherson is also expected to play in the 2020s The long house like Nathan Winer, who will follow a man hired to build a honky-tonk by the guy who killed his father. The film will also star James Franco.

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