Why Sergio Romero did not return to Manchester United between David de Gea and Dean Henderson duel

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will decide the Manchester United goalkeeper to start the season after the last training session on Friday.

Dean Henderson signed a new five-year contract with United last month and remains with the club rather than going on loan for a fourth straight season.

Henderson, 23, is vying with David de Gea for first place amid intense scrutiny over the Spaniard’s role after 18 shoddy months for his club. De Gea, 29, signed a four-year deal with United last year and excelled in international service for Spain earlier this month.

De Gea was absent from last week’s friendly defeat at Aston Villa, where Henderson made his first appearance for United’s first team, and third-pick goalkeeper Sergio Romero is the only United player not to return. to train.

“I can’t, I won’t tell you the team today, no I’m not,” Solskjaer replied when asked who would be his owner. “But the training, the goalkeeping training, was great to watch, so much fun. It’s the highest possible quality you can imagine.

“I know goalkeeping coaches have a lot of fun working with them and watching when they come into the game, some of the things they do. Some of the things are great.

“It will be an interesting and interesting thing for many to follow. It is good to see [Spain coach] Luis Enrique talks about David as he did after his internationals. The coaches who work with the players have the respect and he shows his respect when he talks about it it would be great if the press suddenly wrote what a great goalkeeper we have. And it would be great if you, the press, wrote good things about the two of them and they are working well together at the moment.

“Sergio has not returned yet, he has been given a little more time with his family, [so] writing about problems not only between the two of them, but they worked very well together. “


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