“Wild Heart” released a 7-minute live video, various ancient black technologies against mountain whales and dolphins | 4 Gamers

EA Originals and Koei Tecmo will cooperate and form an alliance, and the action hunting game “Wild Hearts” (Wild Hearts) developed by Omega Force Studio released a 7-minute trailer today (6).

“Wild Heart” is a hunting and fighting game. Players must play the role of a hunter in the Eastern Kingdom and use their weapons and all the tools at hand to face the “beasts” that are integrated with the environment. In the video, you can see the real screen from one to three players who challenge the transformed beast “Mountain Cetacean” together.

In addition to knives, umbrellas, crutches and other weapons, there are also various black technologies from the Eastern Kingdom, such as making the monsters collide with doors that cause dizziness, short-range wooden planes that allow hunters to attack from the sky, Catapults which are directly attacked by beasts, etc.

Heart of the Wild will be available globally on February 17, 2023, on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Epic Games Store and EA Origin.

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