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Apple was launched in 2013iPhone 5sFor the first time, the “Touch ID” fingerprint authentication function is adopted, and the third generation was released in 2022 on the iPhoneiPhone SEbut iPad 4th generationiPad Airare placed in each. On the iPhone, Touch ID has been almost completely replaced by “Face ID” of the face authentication function, but it is said that Touch ID will be revived again with the new iPhone many times so farRumorIt was also. Bloomberg’s Mark Garman, familiar with Apple-related leaks, says there will be no such revival of Touch ID.

Report: Will Apple bring Touch ID back to the iPhone? – 9i5Mac

Apple’s Touch ID is probably never coming back to iPhone | AppleInsider

Touch ID uses fingerprint information registered by tapping the home button to perform iPhone lock screen and user authentication without entering a passcode. You can see how Touch ID works in one shot by watching the following video.

Try using iPhone 5s fingerprint authentication function like this – YouTube

For iPhone, 2017iPhone XHowever, in the 4th generation iPad Air that appeared in 2020, Touch ID is fused to the top button, and Touch ID can be used without lowering the display occupancy rate. We have successfully adopted ID.

You can check how to use Touch ID on the iPad Air 4th generation in the following video.

Using Touch ID along with the top button of the 4th generation iPad Air looks like this-YouTube

According to Mr. Garman, Apple is testing to insert Touch ID at the bottom of the display, and it seems that he is also considering merging Touch ID into the top button part like iPad Air. However, Garman said, “Over the past few years, there have been discussions within Apple about bringing Touch ID back to high-end iPhones. But I don’t think Touch ID will return to high-end iPhones, at least not in the foreseeable future, as Face ID is currently ubiquitous.

Garman pointed out that Touch ID could move to the top button part of low-end terminals like iPhone SE. However, he also said, ‘I haven’t heard any information about Touch ID moving from the iPhone supply line to the top button part of low-end terminals.’

In addition, Apple-related media 9to5Mac said, “I hope that Touch ID will be revived on the iPhone in the future. Face ID has improved significantly over the years, and it can be used in the air exposed even when wearing a mask. considering special cases, it might be more convenient to use Touch ID.”

In the comments section of AppleInsider, “Apple will only use Touch ID if it is a much cheaper component than Face ID,” and “Wearing a mask is outdated, so ‘Touch ID’ The momentum to revive it is also weaken.”

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