Will come again! The rain falls on Bangkok. Repeat one more wave if not weak.

Will come again! The rain falls on Bangkok. Repeat one more wave if not weak. krung uam city It has been raining since afternoon. Traffic jams, people who stop working can’t go home

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At 10 pm on October 3, 2022, Bangkok warned that it would rain again in an hour. He reported that the Bangkok area did not find a group of light to moderate rain / rain, Chonburi province moved to the northwest. It is expected that if it does not weaken, it will enter Bangkok in an hour.

It was found that since last afternoon in the Bangkok area and many surrounding areas heavy rain As a result, traffic jams, especially in the evening after work. It was found that many people were stuck at bus stops and train stations, many of the roads were paralyzed and there was flooding. Officials have announced traffic control, helping broken down cars, organizing quick moving kits to ease people’s suffering.

The Bangkok flood prevention center The highest rainfall in Lak Si District was reported as 165.5 mm at 8:30 pm, while the Highways Department reported an overview of flooding on traffic surfaces in and around Bangkok, including 26 surveillance points and flooding in 9 routes.

Although the Meteorological Department reported today that Bangkok and its surroundings are 80% of isolated thunderstorms and heavy rain. Minimum temperature 24-26 C. Maximum temperature 32-34 C. South-west winds 10-20 km/hour.

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