Will the sequel come next year?

Is the Game of Thrones story finally going on? George RR Martin delivers a new update and announces: The fight for the Iron Throne could continue as early as 2021.

The epic story of “Game of Thrones” has long since come to an end on the screen. The HBO series, based on George RR Martin’s “The Song of Ice and Fire” series, ended in 2019 with a finale that disappointed many viewers. Numerous fans hope that some of the surprising and inappropriate decisions ultimately appear more logical in the books. But Martin recently took a lot of time with his new book. The latest book in the series was published in 2011 – since then fans have been looking forward to the sequel, “The Winds of Winter”. Now the author is fueling hope that it could happen next year.

“Winds of Winter” could be ready in 2021

In one Blog-Post George RR Martin – often just called GRRM – reveals that the corona pandemic and lockdown would have helped him write his book. He was supposed to be attending a convention in New Zealand in July. This will be canceled in 2020 due to Corona, but Martin hopes to be there again next year. And in a subordinate clause he drops additional information that should make many fans pay attention: “… when, I hope that both Covid-19 and WINDS OF WINTER are ready.” It sounds like GRRM is currently optimistic that he will be able to complete his book in 2021. If this is the case, the end of the long waiting period is within reach „Game of Thrones“Fans can return to the fantastic world of Westeros.

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