World Cup 2022│Saiyoshi Teru, the chef of the Japanese team, the menus before and after the five World Cup games have been released in full

World Cup 2022│Saiyoshi Teru, the chef of the Japanese team, the menus before and after the five World Cup games have been released in full

In the group stage of the Qatar World Cup, the Japanese team, which won the first match of Group E, defeated the four-time champion Germany with a score of 2: 1. A hero behind the scenes, he is neither a player nor a coach , but has been with the team for five World Cups since the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

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Three meals a day! Quietly looking after the Japanese team for 18 years

Chef Xifang Zhao has never been involved in football since he was a child, but he is the soul of the Japanese national team because the athletes have strict dietary requirements. Once with the team to participate in the World Cup , so far this is the fifth time to go to the World Cup. He has quietly taken care of the three meals a day for the Japanese team for 18 years, and during expeditions, Chef Nishi only sleeps for 5 hours a day, in order to deliver the freshest and healthiest meals to the players on time, so that the Fighting players are at your best.

The World

Chef Xi Fangzhao has never touched a football since he was a child, but he is the soul of the Japanese national team. (Xi Fang’s photo on Twitter @dream24_nishi)

The World

He quietly took care of the Japanese team’s three meals a day for 18 years (photo Xi Fang Twitter @dream24_nishi)

Much love!The group photo is sitting in the middle of the front row

As the only veteran of the five dynasties in the Japanese team, the 60-year-old Chef Xifang Zhao is loved by the Japanese players. Although he did not play in the game, the players specially invited him to sit in the group photo World Cup The front row is placed in the middle, alongside Supervisor Mori Yasuichi, and even the captain of the national team, Yoshida Asagi, even puts a special captain’s armband on for him, which shows everyone’s respect and gratitude to him.

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During the World Cup group photo, the players specially invited him to sit in the middle of the front row, alongside Supervisor Moriyasu.

The menu is out!Formulated according to the nutritional needs of players

Seeing this, you might be wondering what exactly is the menu prepared by Chef Xi Fangzhao for the Japanese team? In fact, Chef Nishi revealed the Japanese team’s menu in an interview earlier. The menu is designed according to the balanced nutrition that the players need to ingest. The order and portion of fish, meat and vegetables are carefully considered. Three days before the game, players will be provided with hamburger steak, two days before the game, silver sea bass and Saikyo yaki, Kabayaki eel will be eaten one day before the game, and curry will be provided after the game. It can be said that without Chef Nishi’s proper care, the Japanese team would not be so vigorous and grand, so Chef Nishi is definitely Yingbo’s hidden hero.

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Chef Xifang Teru has his own Youtube channel and his signature dish is silver cod Saikyo Yaki, and it is also a must-eat dish for the Japanese team two days before the game. (Xi Fang’s photo on Twitter @dream24_nishi)

The World

Chef Xi Fangzhao also uploads pictures of dishes on her Twitter account, like this curry after the game. (Xi Fang’s photo on Twitter @dream24_nishi)

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