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1.5 million football fans are expected to visit Qatar for the World Cup finals.

But Qatar’s decision to host the tournament has raised a lot of controversy.

What is Qatar’s same-sex relationship law?

Homosexual behavior is illegal in Qatar as it is considered immoral under Islamic Sharia law.

Penalties include fines, imprisonment for up to seven years and death by stoning.

The organizers of the World Cup final in Qatar said that “Everyone is welcome” and insisted that no one will suffer discrimination.

However, Qatar 2022 Chief Executive Nasser Al Khater insisted that the government would not amend the single-sex law. and asked travelers to visit Qatar to “Respect our culture”

during the upcoming competition One Qatar World Cup final ambassador said: homosexuality “It’s mental damage” and the LGBTQ+ community taking part in the competition should “Accept our rules”

Khalid Salman, a former Qatari footballer made this comment to German TV station ZDF in an upcoming documentary.

A recent report by Human Rights Watch stated that Qatari security forces have been continuously arresting gay, bisexual and transgender people. Sometimes forcing them to undergo conversion therapy.

The Qatari government said that the report contains false allegations.

FIFA has written a letter to the 32 teams competing in this World Cup final. by telling them FIFA said football should not “be dragged” into political or ideological “battles” or “offer moral lessons”.

10 European football associations, including the Football Association of England and Wales. “Human rights are universal and apply everywhere.”

England boss Harry Kane and the heads of nine other national teams will also wear the “One Love” armband to protest Qatar’s anti-homosexuality law. But after FIFA warned of a fine, Wales, England and other European national teams have removed the armband from wearing it.

How are foreign workers treated in Qatar?

Around 30,000 workers from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines are expected to work on site for the World Cup finals. Including the new football stadium, hotels, roads, and the city where the finals will be held.

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Qatar has built seven stadiums for the finals, including Khalifa Stadium in the capital Doha

In February 2021, The Guardian reported that 6,500 workers had died in Qatar since it was chosen to host the World Cup finals. The information was obtained from various embassies in Qatar.

However, the Qatari government said that the total number of workers killed This is misleading because the total includes all foreign workers who have died in Qatar for a long time. and not working on the World Cup final project

Qatari authorities said that According to official statistics, between 2014 and 2020, 37 workers were killed on the construction sites of the World Cup finals, and only 3 of them died due to negligence. “related to work”

International Labor Organization The International Labor Organization (ILO) said this figure is underestimated. Because Qatar does not count deaths from heart attack and respiratory failure as work-related. Although these deaths may be the result of working in high temperatures.

The ILO estimates that 50 migrant workers were killed and more than 500 seriously injured in Qatar in 2021 alone.

Will Qatar allow alcohol at the World Cup final?

Qatar announced that two days before the match Beer is not allowed to be sold in football stadiums.

At present, alcohol can only be purchased in designated fan areas and in luxury hotel bars. It costs around £10-12 (about 425-510 baht) per can or pint.

There will also be areas where drunk fans will get drunk.

Non-alcoholic beer can be purchased at various stadiums.

Why was Qatar chosen to host the World Cup finals?

In 2010, Qatar won the right to host the World Cup Final. After winning a vote from FIFA’s 22 executive members, beating the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

Qatar was the first Arab country to host the Games.

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Qatar allegedly bribed FIFA officials £3 million ($40 million) to support Qatar. but was acquitted of this charge. After a two year investigation

At the time, FIFA president Sepp Blatter He supported Qatar to host the World Cup finals, but he now says it was a “mistake” for Qatar to host the World Cup finals.

How is Qatar preparing to host?

There are eight World Cup stadiums in total, seven of which have been built specifically for the tournament.

Around 100 new hotels and a metro system, new roads and the expansion of Hamad airport are also being built.

Qatar has also built a whole new city around the Lusail Stadium. used to organize the final tournament

how hot Qatar is

During the World Cup Final The normal temperature in Qatar is around 25 degrees Celsius.

If competitions are held in June and July, athletes are usually required to play in temperatures above 40C and can even exceed 50C.

Initially, Qatar proposed to host the World Cup finals in the summer in closed and air-conditioned stadiums. But this plan was rejected.

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