World report: Covid-19 cases in India exceed 500,000 while the United States records the largest daily increase | News from the world

India has transmitted half a million coronavirus infections as experts advise the government to prioritize reducing mortality over controlling the spread of the virus. It occurs in the form of infections Brazil and the United States has pushed global cases to 10 million.

India The federal health ministry reported 17,000 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, bringing the country’s total number of infections to 500,000, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. Infections were skyrocketing in major cities, including the capital, Delhi.

Experts advising the government have said that the authorities should now give priority to reducing mortality rather than stopping the spread of Covid-19.

“Our goal should be to prevent deaths and not get really bogged down because of the numbers. The number will increase, “said Dr Manoj Murhekar, a member of the main coronavirus working group in India and director of the National Institute of Epidemiology.

India has recorded more than 15,000 deaths from Covid-19.

Friday Brazil recorded 46,860 in its third consecutive day with more than approximately 40,000 new infections. The health ministry also reported 990 additional deaths bringing the total to just under 56,000.

The new figures came amid warnings that the spread in small towns in the interior of Brazil risked a return of infections in big cities, dubbed a “boomerang effect”, as a lack of specialized medical treatment forced the patients in large urban centers.

“The boomerang of cases that return to (state) capitals will be a tsunami,” said Miguel Nicolelis, a leading medical neuroscientist at Duke University who coordinates a coronavirus task force advising state governments from northeastern Brazil.

The dated health ministry showed that last week, 60% of new cases were registered in small towns. According to the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz Institute of Public Health (Fiocruz), only around 10% of Brazilian municipalities have intensive care units.

the United States reported its highest daily number of infections, with over 40,000 cases. In the first briefing of the coronavirus task force since April – which did not take place in the White House and had no presidential appearance – showed that current infection rates were above the peak in April and May.

Mike Pence led the briefing, and while acknowledging the surge in cases in the south and west of the country, he supported President Trump’s desire to revive the economy.

“We have made truly remarkable progress in advancing our nation,” said Pence, adding that the United States had “slowed the spread” and “flattened the curve”.

But as the cases approached 2.5m, Texas became the first state to reimpose the lock in the midst of an escalating infection. Los Angeles County recorded the highest number of confirmed cases across the country, with 91,557 infections, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. Chicago’s Cook finished second with 88,650, while New York Queens finished third with 62,281.

European Union the countries failed to settle on Friday on a final “safe list” of countries whose residents could visit the block from July, with the United States, Brazil and Russia seemed to be excluded. The ambassadors of the 27 EU members met from Friday afternoon to establish the criteria for granting quarantine access from next Wednesday.

Redesigned text from 10 to 20 countries has been submitted to ambassadors, but many have said they must consult their governments first, diplomats said. The list does not include the United States, Brazil or Russia, said a diplomat. Discussions continued overnight, with EU countries expected to give informal responses on Saturday evening, people familiar with the matter said.

It is widely accepted that the bloc should only open to those with a similar or better epidemiological situation, but there are questions about how to assess the management of the epidemic in a country and the reliability of data.

Greece imposes Covid-19 tests for arrivals from various EU countries, including France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, with self-isolation until the results are known. The Czech Republic has declared that it will not allow tourists from Portugal, Sweden and part of Poland.

In other developments of coronavirus:

  • Global infections amounted to 9,777,889, with nearly 500,000 dead.

  • China reported 21 new diagnosed cases, including 4 imported cases (2 cases in Guangdong, 1 case in Shanghai, 1 case in Gansu). The 17 local cases occurred in Beijing. No deaths have been recorded.

  • A federal judge New York has prevented the state from applying restrictions on coronaviruses limiting indoor religious gatherings to 25% capacity when other types of gatherings are limited to 50%.

  • Another U.S. federal judge ordered the release of children detained with their parents in U.S. immigration jails and denounced the extended detention of families by the Trump administration during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • MexicoThe Ministry of Health reported on Friday 5,441 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and 719 additional deaths, bringing the total in the country to 208,392 cases and 25,779 deaths.

  • Victorian state government Australia Seeking legal advice to see if this may force travelers returning from abroad to undergo a coronavirus test, after a large number of cases in recent days in the city of Melbourne.

  • the Argentine The government announced Friday evening that it would reintroduce strict quarantine measures in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires. The measurements would last 17 days and begin on July 1.

  • South Korean Authorities said the country had 51 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the Korea Herald reported.

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