World Table Tennis Championships Chengdu National Table Tennis Debut: “Being healthy ourselves” is the

Source title: World Table Tennis Championship Chengdu National Table Tennis Debut: “Being ourselves” is the key

China News Service, Chengdu, October 1st (Reporter He Shaoqing Anyuan) The National Table Tennis Men’s Team entered the 56th ITTF World Table Tennis Team Championships (final round) in 2022 on the afternoon of October 1st. Chengdu (referred to as “Chengdu World Table Tennis Team”). First Table Tennis Team Competition”). The Guoping team, which sent Fan Zhendong, Ma Long, and Wang Chuqin “Wang Bang”, defeated Puerto Rico 3:0 and had a good start.

The World Table Tennis Championships, which returned after four years, is one of the world’s most important national table tennis competitions in the Paris Olympic ring, and it is very significant for the national table tennis team to hone it.

In the first match, Fan Zhendong, who is currently No. 1 in the men’s singles, defeated Brian Afanador 3-0. Ma Long, captain of the National Table Tennis men’s team, also beat Daniel Gonzalez in three straight games. In the third game, Wang Chuqin defeated Angel Naranjo with a total score of 3:1.

After the match, Ma Long said that although this is his eighth time to participate in the World Table Tennis Championships, it is the first time to participate in the World Championships during the National Day. “We hope that, at this special moment, the Chinese team will play well.”

In history, the National Table Tennis Men’s Team has won the Weslin Cup representing the “strongest table tennis team” 21 times. In the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships team competition, the National Table Tennis Sword, facing the “home door”, is aiming for ten consecutive championships.

“As one of the five athletes of the Chinese men’s team in each (World Table Tennis Championships), the purpose is definitely to help the Chinese team win the championship. This is an incredible responsibility.” Ma Long said, although he participated in the World Table Tennis many times But the roles they played were different. The first two belonged to young players, and they focused more on learning. Later, they took on more important responsibilities .

In Ma Long’s view, “being ourselves” is the key to the victory of the Chinese men’s team at the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships. “To be honest, as long as we do our best, no matter what happens to the foreign team’s line, we have the confidence to win the game.” (End)

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