Worried about Typhoon “Noru”, Laos-China trains will stop operating for a day

MGR Online – Fearing the impact of “Typhoon Noru” Laos-China Railway announced to stop operating EMU train C84/83 Vientiane-Luang Prabang for 1 day to avoid danger. because it coincides with the time when the storm blows into Laos

Today (September 27) at 4 pm Laos-China Railway Company Announcement to stop operating medium speed trains EMU No. C84/83 on September 28, 2022 for 1 day to prevent dangers caused by “Typhoon Noru” is expected arrive in Laos tomorrow afternoon (28).

About the announcement of the Lao-China Railway Company The details are as follows. “Dear all passengers Due to the storm Noru (Noru) will cause heavy rain and strong winds along the railway line from Boten Station to Vientiane Capital Station. In order to guarantee the safety of picking up and dropping off passengers AND orderliness in rail transport On September 28, 2022, EMU train C84/83 running between Vientiane-Luang Prabang will stop for one day, while other trains will continue to operate as usual . We ask that you all plan your trip appropriately in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

For the EMU C84/83, train C84 is scheduled to leave Vientiane Capital Station at 3.05 pm en route, stopping at just one station at Vang Vieng Station at 4.11 pm and arriving at Luang Prabang station at 5.10 pm En route back, train C83 leaves Luang Prabang at 18.20 hours, stops in Vang Vieng at 19.12 hours and arrives in Vientiane City at 8:13 PM.

This morning, the Meteorological and Hydrographic Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Lao PDR, has issued warning notice No. 2 on Typhoon Noru. It is expected to land in Vietnam tomorrow morning (September 28) and move to central and southern Laos in the afternoon. This will cause heavy rain, strong winds, it can cause flash floods. wild water is flowing and landslides may occur in some places Therefore, everyone is encouraged to be careful. Collect valuables and pets. in a safe place and follow the weather forecast closely

Laos-China Railways announced that train C84/83 will be suspended tomorrow.  To prevent danger from Typhoon Noru

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