The DOT warning comes as travelers lambasted United and other airlines by circumventing its policies on cash refunds for canceled flights.


Do you think indoor air transportation is safe right now, given all the cleaning and people wearing masks?

– LF, California

Yes, if I needed to travel, I would fly. The highest risk is interaction with people on the ground.

I support the practice of social isolation and based on what I have seen, the airlines are doing a good job of cleaning planes.

I look forward to resuming my regular trips once the pandemic is under control.

Do Boeing and Airbus still make planes?

– MM, Illinois

Yes, both companies produce aircraft.

Airbus is still building the A320NEO, A321NEO, A330NEO and A350, but has reduced the production rate of all their models.

Boeing manufactures B767, 787 and military aircraft (e.g. P-8 and KC-46).

The 737 MAX is starting to resume production and will be back in service this summer if all goes well.

However, the airlines that ordered these planes are negotiating changes in delivery times, which has an impact on demand.


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I’m a de-icing agent in New England, where we just had another winter season. Before starting the spraying, the pilots ask us to hold on while they configure the aircraft (B737, A319 / 320/321, Emb175 / 195). What do they “configure”?

– KDA, Branford, Connecticut

They position the flaps / slats and the stabilizer in the appropriate positions for defrosting.

Each aircraft model has a specific configuration for defrosting which is indicated in the aircraft flight manual.

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