Xbox Series S would have the same CPU speed as Series X

Ever since the new generation of consoles began to be discussed, there has been speculation that Microsoft was working on two machines to launch them at the same time, just like Sony will do with PS5, that will arrive with and without a disk drive on the market. In the case of the American company we already know Xbox Series X, but for a long time it has been said that he will accompany him Xbox Series S (known in code as Xbox Lockhart), a less powerful console for less bulky pockets. Well, now there are new signs that suggest that Xbox Series S would have the same CPU speed as Series X.

As reported by Tom Warren, a member of the media TheVerge who claims to have reliable information on this alleged version of the Microsoft console, through his account Twitter, Xbox Series S would have a CPU with the same speed as that of its older sister, for which the performance of the games would not be too affected. And it is that, always according to the journalist of TheVerge, the main difference between the two versions of the Microsoft console would reside in the frequency of its GPU since Xbox Series S tendría 4 TFLOPS while Xbos Series X has 12.

On the other hand, Tom Warren also mentioned that there will be a difference in terms of the resolution of the games on both consoles. In this way, the most affordable version of Microsoft’s next console could reach resolutions between 1080p and 1440p and it would be up to the developers exclusively to get their titles there.

Having said all this, we must remember that Microsoft has not yet confirmed that this alleged Xbox Lockhart is real nor that it will reach the market with Xbox Series X, so we must take all this information with tweezers until the most likely announcement of Xbox Series S occurs. An announcement that could occur in the next Xbox 20/20 which will take place this month, still without a confirmed date, and in which the main First Party games that will accompany Xbox Series X during his early stages of life.

Of course, we will closely follow in the footsteps of Microsoft to inform you about everything related to your next-generation console, so we urge you to continue entering our website to discover everything about Xbox Series X. Likewise, have no doubt that we will be here to inform you in case you the company decides to present Xbox Series S to give you all the details about this alleged less powerful version of the console that seems increasingly real.

Halo Inifinite Xbox Series X
Halo Infinite will be at the Xbox Series X event in July.

Microsoft is ready for Xbox Series X.

In another order of things, it is worth remembering that Microsoft has reiterated that the company is ready for the launch of Xbox Series X. The new generation console of this brand will not suffer any delay and we will be able to enjoy it later this year throughout the world. So, very soon we will be able to fully immerse ourselves in the future of video games thanks to the next Xbox Series X July event and the sale of the machine at the end of the year.

On the other hand, the launch of Xbox Series X will be accompanied by a redesign of Xbox Store which will make browsing its contents easier and more intuitive. If you are curious to know how it will be, we remind you that recently the first images of this redesign were leaked, so do not hesitate to take a look. Similarly, Xbox Series X promises to be one of the most complete consoles in history thanks to its Full backward compatibility with all Xbox generations, allowing us to enjoy all Microsoft desktop titles on the same machine. What will remain the same will be its main menu since it has been confirmed that Xbox Series X will have the same interface as Xbox One. And in case you want to open your mouth to this new console, we remind you that We already know what the Xbox Series X boot sound will be like.

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