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Jeong Jin-sang’s ‘Closest Entourage’ Also Arrested… Full-Scale Investigation Targets Lee Jae-myung



The closest aide to Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party, Jeong Jin-sang, head of the political affairs coordination office at the party’s representative office, was eventually arrested, following previously accused aide Kim Yong, sub- president of the Democratic Research Institute.

There is suspicion of collusion with private contractors involved in the Daejang-dong and Wirye New Town development projects, and it is expected that the prosecution’s investigation targeting then Mayor Seongnam Lee will begin in earnest.

This is reporter Kim Yoo-ah.


Jeong Jin-sang, head of the political affairs coordination office of the representative office of the Democratic Party, was arrested on charges of receiving 140 million won in money and goods from the ‘Daejang-dong gang’ in exchange for business convenience.

A total of four charges were laid.

A warrant was issued at dawn after more than 8 hours of ‘marathon screening’, and the prosecution plans to hold its first post-arrest investigation on the 20th at the earliest.

During the warrant review, Chief Jung’s side mainly disputed the credibility of the comments of Dong-gyu Yoo, the former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, who made key statements.

The process used to present the money to former general manager Yoo is explained, but the logic is that the process used to transfer the money to Chief Jung is only Mr. Yoo’s statement.

Therefore, it is necessary to examine whether Yoo’s former boss was open to conciliation or pressure, and whether his statement is consistent with other objective circumstances.

However, this argument failed to convince the court.

About four and a half hours after the warrant review, the court issued an arrest warrant, citing concerns about destruction of evidence and escape.

On the day Chief Jung appeared, former headquarters chief Yoo also appeared in court for the Daejang-dong trial, and told reporters that he “should be a little ashamed” of Chief Jung, who denied the allegations .

With Chief Chung’s arrest, comments that the prosecution’s investigation will target Lee are accelerating.

Previously, the prosecution said in the search and seizure warrant for Chief Chung that he and Lee were a ‘political community’.

In addition, Lee was mentioned a total of 159 times in the warrant for Chief Jung and the indictment of Vice Director Kim, making it clear that the de facto destination is Lee at the ‘peak’.

However, the variable is how much Jung will open his mouth, which is evaluated as ‘one body’ that has shared political advantages and disadvantages.

There is also hope that the prosecution can summon Lee within the year.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Yoo-ah. ([email protected])

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