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The temperature difference between the governing and opposition parties in the general strike of the cargo union… “Logistics Hostage” “blame for breach of contract”


During the general strike of the cargo union, the opposition parties took different positions and continued the conflict over the safe fare system.

The ruling party slammed him for “taking national logistics hostage,” and the opposition pointed to the government’s breach of the secure freight rate agreement as the cause of the strike.

Reporter Jang Bo-kyung on the sidewalk.


In line with the government’s stance of declaring strict measures in accordance with laws and principles against actions that interfere with logistics, the strength of the people also took a strict stance against the cargo solidarity general strike.

Jin-seok Jeong, chairman of the Emergency Response Committee, criticized the strike in a strong tone, saying, “It will cause the paralysis of ports and industrial facilities throughout the country.”

“The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions took national logistics hostage and announced that it would actually launch a campaign to resign from the regime.”

Although the Korea Cargo Federation has launched a general strike demanding the permanent implementation of a secure ticketing system that guarantees minimum transport fees for drivers and an increase in the number of models and items subject to application,

The ruling party took aim directly at the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, saying, “Haven’t the party and the government already promised to extend the sunset of the safe price system for three years?”

Defining this strike as a ‘political struggle’ and ‘expansion of power’, he stressed, “Don’t pretend it’s a struggle for the survival of the weak.”

On the other hand, the Democratic Party pointed to the fact that the destruction of the secure freight rate agreement promised by the passport was the cause of the cargo union strike.

Five months ago, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs promised to discuss the continued promotion of the safe fare system and the expansion of eligible items, but was criticized for making the agreement a blank cheque, saying, “It is not appropriate to expand items.”

“It is a half-length extension without previous negotiations with the cargo union, and it is only a temporary measure to prevent an immediate strike.”

The Democratic Party urged the ruling party not to scare the labor community, and announced that it would push for a ‘safe ticket target expansion law’ in the regular National Assembly.

Although the difference of opinion between the opposition and the opposition parties regarding the general strike of the cargo unions has been confirmed, the difference in the position of the opposition and the opposition parties on how to resolve the conflict between labor and the government is also likely to emerge.

This is Yonhap News TV Jang Bo-kyung.

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