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[현장연결] “Consolidation of penalties for stalking offenses into the main law of the ordinary National Assembly”

The 4th High Level Party Council Meeting was held in the Prime Minister’s Office from this morning.

In relation to the recent case of stalking and murder at Sindang Station, there have been discussions about countermeasures for obsessive brutal crimes such as stalking and measures to eliminate voice phishing.

We will contact the National Assembly and listen to the results briefing directly.

[박정하 / 국민의힘 수석대변인]

As of 10:30 am today, the party government has been intensively discussing related issues for two and a half hours, including a 30-minute lunch at the Prime Minister’s Office in Samcheong-dong.

Let’s start with the main ones in today’s discussion.

In order to stabilize the price of rice and stabilize supply and demand, the party decided to quarantine the rice market with a total volume of 450,000 tonnes, the largest ever, during this year’s harvest period.

Secondly, for the safety of the people, we decided to add a bill to strengthen the punishment for stalking offenses and to remove voice phishing to the regular key bill of the National Assembly in order to speed up the process.

Finally, for smooth communication and cooperation, the party government decided to hold the high-ranking party government council regularly every other week.

Let me tell you about each of the issues discussed at today’s high-ranking party council. First of all, it is about countermeasures against brutal obsessive crimes like stalking.

The party government seriously recognizes the seriousness of obsessive brutal crimes like stalking, such as the recent murder at Sindang Station, and decided to promote it as a key measure for this year’s regular National Assembly.

We decided to remove the anti-indictment penalty for simple stalking offences, add online stalking to the penalty target, introduce location tracking for temporary measures, such as banning access, banning access using telecommunications, and criminal punishment for breaching emergency measures .

We also decided to speed up the review of the Electronic Device Attachment Act, which adds the offense of stalking to the subject of the electronic device attachment order.

Stalking, which is repeatedly concerned about harm, will actively review detention and temporary measures, and will take strict measures against the leaking of personal information that gives rise to stalking offences.

In the meantime, we plan to establish a systematic stalking offender management system.

As a matter of great national unrest, the party strongly requested the government to proceed with measures to improve the effectiveness of the law, such as the reinforcement of professional police personnel, cooperation with related organizations such as the police, and complete investigation of cases. of not prosecuting as well as improving the legal system.

Secondly, we will talk about measures to supply and demand rice during the harvest season.

The government has decided to quarantine the rice market with a total volume of 450,000 tonnes, the largest ever, during this year’s harvest season.

This measure can be said to be a strict harvest season measure that is faster and larger in scale than in 17 years, when rice prices rose through market quarantine measures.

An additional 200,000 tonnes will be added to the 250,000 tonnes forecast for overproduction this year, including 21-year-old Gugok. Further details will be announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry at around 2 o’clock shortly. You can refer to it.

This relates to amending the Grain Management Act. The party shared the view that the amendment to the Grain Management Act, compulsory purchase of surplus rice, which orders the isolation of the market, has serious side effects, such as deepening the oversupply of rice, increasing the burden financial, and hinder future agricultural development.

Instead of a mandatory quarantine, it was agreed to introduce and promote a new strategic crop direct payment system to expand the cultivation of wheat flour, wheat, soybeans and fodder, thereby ensuring the balance of rice supply and demand at the same time and strengthening food security.

I will tell you about the recent financial conditions and how to respond to them.

The party took seriously the difficulties that vulnerable people will face due to a sharp rise in the exchange rate and a sharp increase in the interest rate, and shared the view that more active measures are needed to ease the burden on those who n financially vulnerable.

Accordingly, even if the maturity extension measures are terminated in September in March, the soft landing scheme, which extends the maturity and postpones repayments, is implemented from October so that these self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises can have enough time to normalize their business The 30 trillion won New Start Fund for debt reconciliation of small business owners and the self-employed will also be implemented from 4 October without any obstacles.

The party said it is difficult for the vulnerable to extend the maturity of the loan with enough time because the end of the loans for the vulnerable has been extended by 6 months.

Meanwhile, the government asked the government to prepare countermeasures for trade and financial deficits by preparing support measures for export companies and measures against foreign capital flows.

Additional and supplementary measures to this measure will be announced at the Financial Services Commission on Tuesday according to the results of consultations with the party.

We will tell you how to respond to the review of the Trade Union Act. The party also discussed the amendment to the Trade Union Act, which excludes claims for compensation even for unjustified litigation.

The party said the amendment had legal concerns about the unconstitutional contention such as breaching property rights, the fairness of the principle of compensation for compensation under the Civil Act, which allows exceptions for unions, and public concern about the fact that the amendments’ n reduce. corporate management activities and the promotion of illegality and conflict We agreed that it should be handled with care.

Let’s talk about measures to eliminate voice phishing. As the amount of damage caused by voice phishing increased last year like a snowball from 400 billion won in 2018 to 780 billion won last year, the party decided to push strongly for the elimination of voice phishing.

To this end, we decided to add the bill to eliminate voice phishing as a key bill in the regular National Assembly this year in order to speed up the process.

We also discussed measures adapted in response to changes in the environment, such as strengthening the identity verification process to block the source of canon phone openings, countermeasures against face-to-face fraudulent voice phishing, and preventing the theft of open banking funds.

As voice phishing crimes become more intelligent along with the development of communication and financial technologies such as face-to-face account opening, the party asked for strong countermeasures.

As I said before, today’s meeting lasted about two and a half hours including lunch. Just finished a while ago. Today, we will conclude the briefing paper on the results of the 4th High Party Political and Political Consultative Council. Thank you

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