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Florida was swept away by a hurricane… “At least 15 people died”


In Florida, USA, which was swept by a major hurricane, roads were cut off and water was everywhere.

The exact extent has not yet been released, but a large amount of damage, including injuries, is expected.

This is Reporter Lee Kyung-hee in Washington DC.


The place where there was a big hurricane that brought strong winds of up to 250 km/ha heavy rain is passing disastrously.

Broken houses can be seen everywhere, and some are on fire. Bridges, roads and overturned yachts were also severely damaged.

As the overflowing water has not yet been drained, there is still water everywhere, and more than 2.6 million households are without electricity.

“I’m 67 and I’ve lived here for 5 years. Now the house is gone. It’s under water. I don’t know what to say and everything is awkward.”

Deaths were also confirmed in flood-damaged hospice hospitals.

The rescue and recovery work is only now in full swing as the rain and wind subside, but there are observations that there could be a significant number of casualties.

“Could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida history. We are hearing early reports of significant injuries, but not quite yet. We will do our best to rebuild Florida as quickly as possible.”

President Joe Biden declared disaster zones in heavily damaged Florida cities and visited the Federal Emergency and Disaster Management and Safety Administration to prepare for further damage and to stimulate rescue and recovery.

Furious, Ian escaped from Florida, weakened by a tropical storm, but not extinguished.

At the moment, it is growing again and continuing north, so there is concern about additional damage.

The US National Hurricane Center expects Ion to develop into a Category 1 hurricane and make landfall in South Carolina local time on Friday.

A hurricane warning has been issued for the entire coast of South Carolina and neighboring states have declared a state of emergency.

This is Kyunghee Lee from Yonhap News TV in Washington.

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