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[토요와이드] 尹 “The non-proliferation challenge facing North Korea…an overwhelming response in the use of nuclear weapons”

President Yun Seok-yeol, who attended the Armed Forces Day event, delivered a tough message about North Korea.

Amidst this, the political situation is rapidly freezing as President Yoon Seok-yeol rejected the proposal to dismiss Foreign Minister Park Jin.

Let’s look at the political news with two people.

Kwak Gwan-yong, People’s Power, Nam Yang-ju-eul, Chairman of the Party Association, Seol Ju-wan, a lawyer in the Legal Support Team of the Democratic Party of Korea.


President Yoon Seok-yeol attended the ceremony to commemorate the 74th anniversary of Armed Forces Day. President Yoon’s message to North Korea has drawn attention as inter-Korean relations are strained by frequent provocations such as successive North Korean missile launches. How did you hear it?

Amid the noisy political circles over the passage of the motion to dismiss Foreign Minister Park Jin, President Yoon Seok-yeol officially rejected the motion, saying he did not accept it. It looks tougher not taking an official position in the past What do you think about it?

Minister Park Jin also said, “It’s time to think about the national interest, not politics,” and said he would do his best in his duties. You seem to have made it clear that there is no voluntary resignation?

In the midst of this, a survey result showed that President Yoon’s approval rating fell into the mid-20% range. The positive evaluation was 24%, down 4 percentage points from the previous week, and the negative evaluation was counted up 4 percentage points to 65%. It must be said that the controversy had an influence during the trip, right?

The Power of the People raises its voice as the ‘disaster of forced self-harm’ of the Democratic Party. As previously announced, he also submitted a recommendation for the resignation of National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo. Do you see it as an effective measure considering the possibility of the plenary meeting and the possibility of its approval?

It appears that the Democratic Party has launched a large-scale public opinion battle with the passage of the motion to dismiss Minister Park Jin. Representative Lee Jae-myung, who raised the wisdom that the facts need to be confirmed, also spoke directly about the profanity controversy. Has the tone changed?

A government audit is scheduled from the 4th, but the conflict is reaching its climax as the opposition parties continue to battle over motions to dismiss and calls for resignation. Many voices are concerned about whether it will be possible to discuss the livelihood bill not only in the National Assembly, but also in the normal National Assembly. Is there no need for a strategy for cooperation?

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