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[뉴스초점] Putin signs an agreement on the annexation of territories occupied in Western Ukraine “condemned”

Russian President Putin has announced that he is annexing four occupied territories in Ukraine.

Ukraine and the West strongly opposed it, and the United States immediately imposed additional sanctions.

Let’s look at Park No-byeok, a former professor of international and regional studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, who served as ambassador to Russia and Ukraine.


Three days after the vote on the annexation of the four Ukrainian territories ended, Russia declared its annexation and signed an agreement. Earlier, the referendum showed an overwhelming approval rating of around 90%. Will this occasion change the nature of the war?

Ukraine and the West protest that the referendum is a “fake vote” and will not recognize illegal annexation. Wasn’t the criticism that the voting process itself was mandatory throughout the election period itself?

The combined area of ​​the four regions in which the voting took place is about 90,000 square kilometers, which is about 15% of the total territory of Ukraine, equivalent to the whole of Portugal. Ukraine mentioned a harsh response, how do you think it will respond?

The adoption of a UN resolution condemning the annexation of occupied territories failed, but the United States imposed additional sanctions on Russia. EU leaders have confirmed their commitment to continuing aid to Ukraine. There is also a point that Russia could lose its exit strategy with this annex?

Putin escalates the threat, saying he will do everything possible to defend Russian territory. It is confirmed that an urgent request has been made for the purchase of potassium iodide, known as a drug to prevent exposure to radiation How do you see the possibility of using nuclear weapons?

Putin was also the first to issue mobilization orders in Russia since World War II. Russia denied that it was just a normal campaign, but there was also talk of an ‘autumn conscription order’ with 120,000 people. War of Russian Invasion What is the current state of the war?

In Russia, there are not many conscripts who volunteer to go to the reserve mobilization order, but there are also those who escape abroad or choose extreme methods of harming themselves. The very different local atmosphere, how should I read it?

After announcing the partial mobilization order, President Putin acknowledged the fact that the victims of the wrong conscription case had occurred and said he would correct the mistake. Doesn’t it seem like it has nothing to do with the drop in approval ratings?

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