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North Korea fires one medium-range ballistic missile … “Pass over Japan”


North Korea fired a medium-range ballistic missile in an easterly direction this morning (the 4th).

It has been three days since the 1st Armed Forces Day.

The missile is believed to have passed over the Japanese archipelago.

Contact a reporter from the Ministry of Defence.

Reporter Shin Hyun-jung.


Yes, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, North Korea fired a ballistic missile towards the east a while ago.

The missile was launched at about 7:23 am from Mupyong-ri, Jagang Province, and is believed to have passed over Japan.

Just three days after last Saturday’s Armed Forces Day event, North Korea staged another armed demonstration.

The military analyzes specifications such as range, altitude and speed, as well as the type of ballistic missile.

North Korea’s armed protests are the fifth in the last ten days since September 25.

The provocation took place during a joint ROK-US naval exercise, immediately after US Vice President Harris’ visit to Korea, and on Armed Forces Day.

The general view is that it is an armed response to the ‘Korean 3-axis system’ which is resisting the first joint South Korea-US-Japan anti-submarine warfare exercise in five years and responding to a missile threat North Korea.

As North Korea raises the level of provocations, there is a possibility that it will launch additional provocations such as submarine-launched ballistic missiles and SLBMs in the near future following ballistic missiles.

There are also comments that North Korea may be testing various missiles ahead of its seventh nuclear test, which is expected to take place in late October or early November.

North Korea has launched 21 ballistic missiles and two cruise missiles this year.

This is the ninth missile launch since the Yun Seok-yeol government was inaugurated.

More information will be provided as soon as it arrives.

This is Yonhap News TV’s Shin Hyun-jung from the Ministry of National Defense. ([email protected])

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