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32 children crushed on Indonesian football field… domestic and international sympathy


It is known that 32 children were among the victims in the Indonesian soccer field disaster.

A candlelight vigil was held in Indonesia, followed by condolences from the president of the International Football Association and Pope Francis.

This is Lee Bong-seok, staff reporter.


The broken windscreen of a police car clearly shows how it looked at the time of the disaster.

Cleaning work is in full swing at the site of the accident, Kanjuruhan Football Stadium, East Java, Indonesia.

In the capital, Jakarta, hundreds of citizens gathered to light candles.

Some citizens poured out their voices of self-reflection, saying that the culture of fanatical cheering, similar to combat training, had caused disaster.

“This accident could have been avoided. Fans in particular should not be too fanatical.”

Controversy over the overreaction has also arisen as police have been found to have breached International Football Federation and FIFA rules, which prohibit the use of tear gas in stadiums.

The president of FIFA issued a statement and mourned the victims.

“It is a dark day and an incomprehensible tragedy for football. Our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims.”

Indonesia’s central government revised the death toll lower than the original figure, which reportedly included many children. The wounded count in the hundreds.

Pope Francis also prayed for the victims.

“We pray for those who were killed and injured in the accident after a football match in Malang, Indonesia.”

Indonesian authorities decided to set up an independent fact-finding team after President Joko Widodo ordered the suspension of the alliance and a thorough investigation.

This is Bongseok Lee from Yonhap News.

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