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[단독] I can’t find a lawyer for the murder of Jeon Joo-hwan at Sindang Station … Appointed public defender

Jeon Joo-hwan, accused of killing a woman who was stalking in the women’s restroom at Sindang Station on the Seoul subway, could not find a private line attorney, so a public defender took over.

According to the court, the Seoul Central District Court, which will hear this case, made a decision to appoint a public defender for Jeon Joo-hwan today (7th).

If a private attorney cannot be appointed due to economic poverty or other reasons, the court will appoint a public defender.

If you commit an offense punishable by more than three years in prison, an attorney must be appointed.

Initially, the public defender who defended Jeon Joo-hwan was appointed during the warrant review stage, but it was canceled and the court selected another public defender.

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