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Kim Hyun-sook “Abolish the Ministry of Leisure, strengthen gender equality policy”… women’s opposition



Gender Equality and Family Minister Kim Hyun-sook held a press briefing on the abolition plan officially announced by the government yesterday (6th) and made a detailed position.

Minister Kim said that the Ministry of Leisure has not been able to meet public expectations, and that gender equality policies for men and women will be promoted in the future.

Reporter Kwak Jun-young.


Minister Kim Hyun-sook gave a harsh evaluation of the Ministry of Leisure, saying that it did not reflect the new social environment and the perception of young people.

“The failure to respond actively to gender conflicts and crimes of some kind of power, and the fact that it did not meet public expectations with women-specific policies for women…”

Minister Kim emphasized that abolishing the Ministry of Leisure is rather a matter of creating a system that can strengthen gender equality policies.

He also drew a line on criticism that it was intended to be a turning point to prevent a drop in the presidential approval rating.

When asked about his feelings about the abolition of the Ministry of Leisure, he said, ‘I have no regrets’, saying that my role as a member of the Council of State is to provide the most appropriate service to the people.

“If the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is dissolved, I have no regrets because I will be evaluated as a minister who has done a very important job.”

The presidential office said that the Ministry of Recreation and Leisure initiated a conflict between the sexes, and gave meaning to the repeal bill as creative destruction.

When the Ministry of Leisure is dissolved, Minister Kim will step down, and officials from the Ministry of Leisure will be reassigned to the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Women’s groups protest day after day, criticizing them for making efforts to promote women’s human rights and gender equality futile.

“The retreat of women’s human rights or gender equality democracy in Korea, which has been fighting for 20 years, goes back to the old days by tying women and their families together…”

They plan to continue joint action against the abolition of the Ministry of Leisure, such as press conferences and protest rallies.

This is Yonhap News TV, Kwak Jun-young. ([email protected])

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