You can upgrade it like this; Chiranjeevi is on air after the OTT release

You can upgrade it like this; Chiranjeevi is on air after the OTT release

After its OTT release, Chiranjeevi’s film Godfather is becoming a buzz on social media. Godfather is a Telugu remake of Mohanlal starrer Lucifer directed by Prithviraj. The Godfather began streaming on Netflix on November 18.

Before the film’s theatrical release, Chiranjeevi had said that Godfather is an upgraded version of Lucifer. Chiranjeevi said that he did not feel completely satisfied when he saw Lucifer, but the Godfather dressed him without being boring at all. After the statement, there was a lot of criticism against the actor.

But after reaching OTT and seeing more audience, the audience is asking if this is an upgraded version. Audiences are saying that several important elements of the film’s story have been changed in Godfather and Chiranjeevi has come up with a mass masala comedy film.

Various scenes in the film are ridiculed. One of them is the dialogue Narcotics is Dirty Business. This dialogue was used as Mohanlal’s mass dialogue reference in Lucifer. Audiences say the same was raised in The Godfather. Fans are also upset that Mohanlal’s iconic dialogue has been taken.

Another is the emotional scene with Nayanthara. In Malayalam, the scenes where Mohanlal and Manju Warrier come together in the church graveyard have been done very smoothly. Social media is saying that these scenes have been made emotionally in Telugu.

The audience who saw the film say that the battle where Shajon’s character was hiding turned into a comedy when it came to Telugu and all the villains are flying. Bollywood star Salman Khan is the biggest comedy in the film and there were rumors that Salman might have been a joke.

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