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You can use Internet lines in various ways, but now one offers a very bizarre one. You can watch live in Full HD as mushrooms grow in the forest. With this experiment has now come the SlowTV project, which mediates permanent video streams from various visually interesting places, such as airport, station or lubrication tram. There is live everywhere and something is happening every few minutes, so watching such cameras can be fun for anyone. It’s a bit different for mushrooms:

The shot was installed on one already slightly grown sponge, so you can wait for dramatic moments, such as when an ant passes over a hat. Captivating shots from the last five minutes can be viewed in the gallery.

Of course, the observation makes sense in the long run, when the current fungus can be expected to grow even more, after which it awaits a slow death. But other younger siblings could appear around. You do not have to worry that a mushroom picker will interfere with your entertainment, it is a place on the guarded land of the School Forest Enterprise Kostelec nad Černými lesy.

The transmission runs on the platform. The stream is transmitted by a special camera set, which has its own solar power supply and mobile connection from O2. We can transfer it through the forest as needed. The image is captured by the camera AXIS M3116-LVE, whose advantage is very low power consumption up to 8W and 4Mpix image with night IR illumination. The operator warns that due to the limited battery capacity and performance of the solar panel, outages may occur if there is not enough sunlight during the day.

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