Young but gray hair, hair loss… 5 good foods

Hair loss as a result of COVID-19

Black sesame seeds help relieve the symptoms of hair loss. [사진=클립아트코리아]

The black hair of a young man with thin white hair, or gray hair, is not good to look at. Hair loss is worse. Gray hair and hair loss are increasing among young people these days. Stress and a bad lifestyle are cited as reasons for this. The main causes are excessive drinking and smoking.

Alcohol destroys B vitamins, and smoking causes gray hair and hair loss by constricting blood vessels and impairing blood circulation. Malnutrition is also the main cause of hair loss, and hair loss is easy to occur after a serious illness, childbirth, or a severe diet. Hair loss can occur as a result of COVID-19. Based on data from US health and fashion media ‘Makeup and’, we have compiled a list of foods that are good for hair loss and gray hair.

△ Black Beans

Black beans help the kidneys (kidneys) and bladder to function smoothly and quickly restore damaged body tissues. In particular, black beans relieve the symptoms of gray hair and hair loss. This is because black beans contain ingredients that facilitate blood circulation.

△ Black sesame

Black sesame seeds, also known as black sesame seeds, are good for hair loss caused by weak liver and kidneys. It has a high keratin content, so if you eat it regularly, your hair will become shiny and hair loss will be prevented. Grind black sesame finely, add it to milk, mineral water, or yogurt and drink one cup at a time.

△ Walnuts

Walnuts are effective in treating various skin diseases and alopecia. Eating lots of walnuts is also helpful, and washing your hair with a decoction of walnut leaves is effective in preventing gray hair or hair loss.

△ Kelp

Kelp contains plenty of vitamin A, which helps form keratin, vitamin D which regenerates damaged hair, and vitamin E which helps blood circulation in the hair. Because of this, it is effective in making hair healthy and preventing hair loss.

△ Black rice

By activating the stomach, liver and kidneys, it has effects such as anti-aging and preventing hair growth. Black rice contains large amounts of flavonoid-like anthocyanins, which are particularly useful in anti-aging.

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