Young unnie little park, after a day of controversy… Resignation of external director [김익환의 컴퍼니워치] By Hankyung

© Reuters. Young unnie little park, after a day of controversy… Resignation of external director [김익환의 컴퍼니워치]

Actor Park Min-young / Photo = External director Min-ah Park of Inbaoizen, a listed company on the Hankyung DB stock market, has resigned. Park is the older sister of actress Park Min-young. Shortly after the report that Park Min-young’s relationship with Kang, who is the real owner of Inbiogen, went out, Park’s older sister left her position as an outside director within a day. Park attended the board meeting held only once in three months.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service on the 1st, Park Min-ah, a researcher at the Suswehawk Graduate School of Public Health at the National University of Singapore, resigned as an external director of Inbiogen on the 29th. Inbiogen has paid an average of 14.5 million earned to each outside director until the first half of this year. Since he was appointed at the shareholders’ general meeting on March 29 this year, Park has only attended 7 board meetings until the end of June.

On the 28th, Dispatch reported that Park Min-young is in a relationship with Kang, who is known as the true owner of Inbiogen. Just a day after the report, Park Min-young’s older sister resigned as an outside director of Inbiogen. Kang’s younger brother is Kang Ji-yeon, CEO of Inbiogen.

Inbiogen is a company that manufactures kiosks and shoes, changes owners several times, raises capital and convertible bonds (CB), and has an unclear corporate identity. In the first half of this year, it posts 6.3 billion won in sales and 2.5 billion won in operating loss. The company has recruited lawyers, politicians and former prosecution journalists as internal and external directors.

At the general shareholders’ meeting on March 29, this company appointed Park Min-ah and Lee Hyung-seok, a professor at the National University of Singapore, as outside directors. Professor Lee resigned voluntarily on June 27, three months after the appointment of an external director. Professor Lee worked at the same school as Park Min-ah, and his career is similar. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees in medical statistics from Columbia University, USA, and served as a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Park Min-ah also received a master’s degree in epidemiology from Columbia University and a doctorate in infectious disease from the University of Hong Kong Medical School.

By Kim Ik-hwan, staff reporter [email protected]

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