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Original title: Zheng Wei: The schedule-intensive players eat a lot and need more players to participate

On September 26, Beijing time, the group stage of the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup continued. The Chinese women’s basketball team finally defeated Puerto Rico 95-60 and qualified for the group in advance.

After the match, Zheng Wei, the coach of the Chinese women’s basketball team, said in an interview: “Everyone knows that the schedule is very intense, and consecutive games consume a lot of players. We need more players to participate , so we have 12 players on the court today. The performance is not bad, but there is no tacit understanding in some phases, and then we will summarize improvements and adjustments, and strive to play better game by game.”

Tomorrow at 12:30 noon, the Chinese women’s basketball team will face the Belgian women’s basketball team. The winner gets second place in the group.

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