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Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (ADVANC) together with China’s ZTE Corporation has jointly launched the AZ Center or the first 5G innovation center in Thailand. After the agreement was signed as a strategic partner for the development of 5G technology, it aims to promote development and innovation. especially to improve digital technology infrastructure to be strong Create solutions that will support the development of the industry. in order to transfer useful experiences in a concrete way to the Thai people Increase capacity and create a competitive advantage for Thailand

Somchai Lertsuthiwong Mr. CEO ADVANC Said because 5G is a technology that will help drive the country. Therefore, as a network service provider with the largest spectrum coverage in Thailand. Therefore, we attach great importance to developing innovations to improve the country’s sustainability. This is the origin of cooperation with ZTE at a strategic level in three parts:

– Upgrade Thailand’s 5G network to become a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure It is more than the fastest network. Ready to step into an intelligent network that can be controlled by itself in real time (5G Smart Autonomous Network)

– Develop joint solutions for the business sector Industrial sector, people sector, improving competitiveness in line with Thailand’s 4.0 policy

– Forwarding a variety of 5G services that are beneficial to the sustainable quality of life for Thai people

with Thailand’s first 5G AZ Center innovation center It is a hub of work in accordance with the above goals. This will be an important turning point to unlock Thailand’s potential to progress to the next level. especially the business and industrial sectors that are starting to make Digital Transformation. to improve efficiency and improve management This will directly affect the country’s digital economy.”

Mr. Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE Corporation He said that this collaboration as a strategic partner in the development of digital technology to establish the AZ Center will be able to offer a wide range of technological developments. In particular, the adoption of 5G networks as a foundation for research and development will create new future use cases that can support customer needs and increase business opportunities.

AZ Center 5G Innovation Center will be the most comprehensive innovation and solutions center. including the installation of base stations in all frequencies for testing with prototype network technologies that will transform the development of 5G networks in Thailand, prototype solutions for different industrial sectors (5G vertical industry applications), smart terminals that will be rotated to’ w tested and displayed Initially, it includes

1. Next Generation Products for 5G Capacity Growth, network technology ready to support 5G. ZTE as a developer has driven innovation through the concept of “1+2+3” which includes 1. Infrastructure technology 2. The underlying genetics and 3. The three components that enhance the extension and expansion. in order to be most effective, such as

– The world’s first Radio Composer as a result of working with AIS to develop AAU (Active Antenna Unit) 5G mmWave 1.2GHz bandwidth support, 5G 2.6GHz AAU reduce electricity consumption. Designed to meet the needs and provide the best experience for AIS customers, it is also nature-friendly for energy sustainability.

– RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) is a 5G signal reflector developed for 26 GHz or mmWave waves, helping to improve the coverage of 5G networks.

2.5G Use Cases to link the use of 5G networks to the industrial sector, such as

– 5G Natural Navigation AGV or automatic cargo truck with embedded 5G module can insert 5G SIM card, which is easy to use without location restrictions. because there is no need to install Wifi

– 5G Machine Vision, a system used for physical inspection of products through 5G, with a processing system close to human operation. Ability to make decisions and achieve the desired results in accordance with the defined program.

– 5G XR Explorer The system that brings XR to work through 5G, XR or Augmented Reality is a virtual reality technology that combines multiple dimensions in real world environments. digital environment Including human-machine interaction that occurs from computer technology or wearable technology, can be used for training or guidance.

– Holographic or 3D 5G imaging technique that has been widely used, such as Education teleconferencing and large events or metaverse Suitable for high bandwidth use such as AR or VR, it breaks the boundary between the virtual world and the real world to be able to connect seamlessly with 5G.

3. Diversified 5G Terminal Devices: AIS has partnered with ZTE to launch the 5G ZTE Blade A72, the most powerful and cost-effective 5G phone for the Thai smartphone market. It is expected to be launched in October 2022, along with other smart terminals such as 5G CPE and 5G routers, reinforcing ZTE’s image as the only end-to-end operator to work with AIS as a network provider that will provide the best experience for users.

This collaboration between AIS and ZTE is an important step that shows a willingness to extend the Cognitive Tech-Co goals by developing 5G networks to become a 5G Smart Autonomous Network, in terms of providing good experiences, creating opportunities for the industry by including creating innovations and new dimension solutions to respond to rapidly changing behavior in the social context as well as creating a digital economy for Thailand in the future

By InfoQuest News Agency (27 Sep 65)

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