12.9% in viewership ratings for the first time in the 3rd episode of ‘A Thousand Dollar Lawyer’… The Namgoong-min Effect

Screenshot from SBS 1,000 lawyers who won SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’ recorded an audience rating of 10% for the first time in three episodes. The 3rd episode of ‘One Thousand Dollar Lawyer’, broadcast on the 30th of last month, recorded 12.9% in viewership ratings. This is a significant increase of 8.1% for the first period and 8.5% for the second period.

In the 3rd episode, the eccentric lawyer Cheon Ji-hoon (Namgoong-min) and Shibo Baek-ma-ri (Kim Ji-eun) showed the process of punishing Cheon Young-bae (Kim Hyeong-wook), the executive director of a large corporation , which abuses offensive language and power.

Cheon Ji-hoon, who was in charge of class action lawsuits against workers who lost power, visited the boss, who was struggling with Cheon Young-bae, and suggested a game of bingo. If I lose the game, I will withdraw the lawsuit. If I win, I will reward the victims appropriately and have Cheon Young-bae resign.

In the fourth episode aired on the 1st, Cheon Ji-hoon and Baek Ma-ri are asked to protect a suspect in a rare murder case. The suspect is a person known as ‘the devil’ because of a heinous crime. It is expected that Cheon Ji-hoon will be responsible for this case, breaking the principle of ‘don’t take on violent cases’ while all the lawyers in charge of the defense have resigned in order not to use the stigma of the demon . lawyer’.

‘One Thousand Won Lawyer’ is a drama about the activities of a lawyer, Cheon Young-bae, who is responsible for the case over a thousand won for a weak and powerless client.

Before the 4th episode aired, Namgoong-min said, “The members of the lawyer’s office protect the client and solve the mystery of the case at the same time. “He said.

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