Activision Blizzard releases the launch trailer for “Overwatch 2”! Also publishes “Defense Matrix” to protect the health of the game | gamebiz

Activision Blizzard Japan has released the launch trailer for Overwatch 2, which is due out on October 5th.

For those who have already played “Overwatch”, the pre-download of the PC version of “Overwatch 2” will be available from around 5:30 a.m. Japan time on Saturday, October 1st.
If you have automatic updates enabled on, the download will happen automatically in the background. If not, you will need to start the download manually by clicking the gear icon to the right of the “Play” button and selecting “Check for Updates”.

In addition, pre-download of the console version of “Overwatch 2” will be available from around 1:00 a.m. Japan time on October 5 (Wednesday).

You can enjoy the original “Overwatch” until October 3rd. The next day, the server will be down for a day to prepare for the release. For a limited time, Overwatch is currently redeeming all items exclusive to last season, so spend your remaining Hero Dust to unlock them.

Also, if you buy the “Watch Pack” now, you can get a head start when “Overwatch 2” is released! , Season 1 Premium Battle Pass included. Purchasing this pack will instantly unlock the newest hero, Kiriko.

Create a healthy gaming environment and promote positive experiences in Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 today announced the launch of the Defense Matrix, a new initiative designed to protect the sanity of the game and encourage positive behavior.

“Defense Matrix” is an umbrella term for efforts that began with “Overwatch 2” to protect the integrity of the game and promote positive behavior. The plan is led by a group of cross-functional teams within Blizzard. We have set three goals to ensure a great experience for Overwatch 2 players:

● Design, develop and scale a framework that allows all players to have a positive experience.
● Ensure honesty at all levels of competition by quickly identifying and removing cheaters and trolls.
● Build a safer community both inside and outside the game, taking a firm stand against cheating and ensuring that positive and constructive player voices are at the heart of the community.

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