After monsters, etc., a game appeared that builds a village on dragons, etc

▲ Dragonoca main image (Image source: Dragonoca Steam notification page)

A game similar to Wondering Village has emerged, noted for its unique worldview that promotes safety with the villagers in a world of poisonous spores. In a world full of giant monsters and dangerous bugs, Drago Noka builds a village on the back of a dragon and survives.

Drago Noca, unveiled as a demo at Steam Nextfest, which started on the 4th, is a game with impressive visuals in the JRPG style. The player has to control and help those who nest on the dragon’s back in a harsh world that has become a difficult environment for people to live in.

In this process, you can invite survivors of different races with various skills to recruit them as new villagers, and you can also seek prosperity in the village through farming, etc. Through the game description that you can build a family depending on the character’s liking, you can guess that it also has a love element, and it is also expected that you can create your own character and add it to the game.

▲ Drago no car guide trailer (video source: Plaism official YouTube channel)

During the game, the player can get various jobs for the prosperity of the village, such as agriculture, blacksmithing, fishing, sewing, cooking, synthesis or cattle breeding. With the help of residents of various races and the skills they have, it becomes possible to run the village more smoothly.

From this point of view, it can be said that it has a blunt gameplay, but Dragon Noca’s personality is in battle. In this world, as well as the dragon that is the foundation of the village, there are dragons with various characteristics such as fire, wind and ice, and in order to survive, you will fight against the dragons or the these other giant beasts that roam around. the world. In the process, players must designate a target and fire projectiles to ensure that the village and the dragon are safe in battle as much as possible.

Demo Drago Noka does not support Korea, and you can experience village life for 3 days.

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