An office building as a ‘back-up’ to be used in case of an emergency

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Today’s news desk begins with a special design feature.

On July 1st, the 8th popular election was launched.

The MBC’s special investigation and reporting team looked at what the heads of 243 local governments across the country have done first and foremost since they took office.

We will show you the results now.

The photos you see now show the offices of local government heads across the country three months after they took office.

At first glance, it looks like there are no special features, but many of them have been renewed after the inauguration of the head of local government.

We tore down and fixed up a decent office room, and even replaced furniture that had a long mandatory life.

As a result of the MBC survey, in particular, around 80% of the heads of the new groups spent in this way.

Some places have spent more than 100 million earned in taxes.

First, reporter Nam Jae-hyun reports.

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In Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, where the mayor’s political party has changed for the first time in 12 years, the mayor’s office on the second floor has been moved to the fourth floor and decorated with r new.

The cost is 190 million won.

We bought 23 million worth of new desks and chairs, conference tables, sofas and wardrobes for the new market.

The reason for moving the mayor’s office is that the mayor’s office is located on the second floor, so employees are often moved for security due to frequent resident meetings, so it was moved to a higher place.

[성남시 홍보팀 관계자]

“When you were on the second floor, this was the concept of an open mayor’s room. In the eighth period, obviously, the direction is different and it’s more about work efficiency.”

The new mayor’s office was not revealed to reporters either.

[성남시 홍보팀 관계자]

(Isn’t (the Mayor’s Office) open to the public?)

“Yes, even our secretaries are not allowed to enter. When you go out, take a locked structure…”

How will the mayor’s office on the second floor used by the former mayor be used?

When I visited, the desks, tables, chairs, and household items such as refrigerators were left untouched, and only dust was piling up.

Dozens of boxes of various supplies are also stacked on the walls.

These are the items I bought just 4 years ago, when I started my job as mayor.

[성남시 청사관리팀 관계자]

“For now, either recycle it or donate it. I think it will have to be relocated or something like that.”

Next to the mayor’s office, there is a video conference room and a disaster situation room, which was built anew at the end of last year at a cost of 500 million won.

[성남시 청사관리팀 관계자]

(Maybe it’s a part where the usage is a little vague as the market room changes and the location changes?)


MBC contacted Seongnam Mayor Shin Sang-jin several times to hear the mayor’s situation, he went to the city hall and waited for over 6 hours, but in the end he refused to answer.

[성남시장 비서실 관계자]

(Mayor, have you been there?)

“You’re not here right now. We don’t know until your personal schedule.”

When I went to the civil service room on the 2nd floor of the Gangbuk-gu Office in Seoul, which was built more than 40 years ago, the window board is old and torn here and there.

The wash basin in the bathroom is also painted and the faucet is badly corroded.

The first place to repair the old government building in time for Mayor Lee Soon-hee’s inauguration was the mayor’s office.

We spent 160 million to remodel and buy all new furniture.

[강북구 홍보팀 관계자]

“Even if the facility is old, it’s not like it’s too old. The Commissioner is actually the representative of the residents and the face of our area.”

But residents have a different opinion.


“Nobody can enter the ward mayor’s office. I think it would be right for the civil service office and the toilet to be opposite our ward office.”

A massage chair was created in the staff lounge of the dobong-gu office in Seoul after the inauguration of the new mayor.

It has won 3.4 million, and was originally bought to be placed in the new ward mayor’s office, but has been moved after MBC requested disclosure of information.

[도봉구청 관계자]

“The current head of state said he didn’t fit here (the mayor’s office), so he was moved.”

In addition to massage chairs, more than 60 new pieces of furniture, including desks, decorative cabinets, and conference tables, were installed in the mayor’s office, and 130 million won was spent in remodeling.

More than half of the 243 local governments across the country had either built the office of the head of the group or bought furniture, and 131 out of 166 or 79% of the 166 local governments changed their heads in this year’s local elections.

This is Jaehyun Nam from MBC News.

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