Apple’s blocked European Parliament merges the Type C specification through a charging connector

publication time: 04/10/2022 – 23:13

The European Parliament passed a new law on October 4. Starting from the end of 2024, all smartphones, tablets, and camera charging connectors in the European Union will uniformly adopt the Type C specification, setting a global precedent and expected to have the most impact on iPhone maker Apple.

Agence France-Presse reported that the European Parliament (European Parliament) passed the bill with 602 votes in favor of 13 votes, so that Type C (USB-C), which has been adopted by many manufacturers, becomes a connector charging for mobile phones. electronic devices in the European Union (EU) Single specification and it will force Apple’s iPhone to get rid of the outdated and exclusive Lightning charging connector.

As for notebook computers, there is a longer buffer period, and the charging connector will only need to adopt the Type C specification from early 2026.

EU lawmakers said making charging connector specifications uniform will make life easier for Europeans, reduce the number of outdated chargers, and allow consumers to pay less.

Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s executive commissioner responsible for market competition, said the EU estimates the new rules will save the EU as a whole at least 200 million euros a year, and will also reduce e- annual EU waste of more. than 1,000 metric tons. .

The EU’s action is expected to have knock-on effects around the world. The 27-nation European Union has a population of 450 million and occupies the world’s richest consumer class, so regulatory changes in the EU tend to affect global industry practices, commonly known as the “Brussels effect. “

Alex Agius Saliba from Malta, European Parliament lead member for legislation, said: “Today is a great day for consumers and a great day for our environment. Experience After more than 10 years, a single charging connector format for various electronic devices finally happening in Europe, and we hope that this will inspire the rest of the world as well.”

Apple’s smartphone sales are the second highest in the world, behind only Samsung. And while Apple’s iPad tablets and Mac laptops already use Type C connectors, he opposes letting the iPhone get rid of the Lightning connector, saying it would be disproportionate and stifle innovation.

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