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This is my personal best so far.

New dynamic island for iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max models. By assigning tasks to the camera’s punch hole space, it’s a tricky but clever way to draw attention away from the camera itself, and it’s been a hot topic since its announcement.

People should have already received the iPhone 14 and gotten used to it by touching it every day. In the future, I think the compatible applications will be expanded more and more, but for now it’s good! Personally, I chose my favorite Dynamic Island.

charge sign

Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

When you plug it in while charging, the remaining battery level will be displayed. I like it because it jumps into my eyes instead of looking at the little battery icon saying, “Oh, is it charging?”

Face ID

Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

When face recognition is required, the Face ID face icon will be displayed during use. It used to be displayed in the middle of the screen, but by collecting it here, the existence of Dynamic Island will become more and more vivid.


Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

The display when a call comes in is also here. Double tapping expands the Dynamic island to show incoming call time and hang up options.

AirPods connection status

Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

Since it is displayed when connected, it is easy to understand that it is connected!

play media

Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

Since it uses iOS’s Now Playing API, developers don’t need to add code. Music services such as Spotify, podcasts, radio apps, etc. automatically display playback media on Dynamic Island. You can also use Apple Fitness. The strength is that you can return to the app by tapping on Dynamic Island as well as simply display media.

screen recording

Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

Screen recording using Live Activity, a new feature in iOS. While recording, it is displayed on Dynamic Island, but you can stop recording by tapping to expand.

map navigation

Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

Navigation can also be used with Dynamic Island, as Apple Maps can also take advantage of Live Activities. It will show the next step (turn right or turn left). In the case of Google Maps, the application is displayed on Dynamic Island, but the navigation does not appear.

You can play games!

Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

I didn’t know! You can play the ping-pong game “Hit the Island” using the Dynamic Island area. Download the app from here. With the distribution of iOS 16.1 patch, Dynamic Island is said to have more functions, so maybe more games?

can have pets

220927 best of dynamicsland10
Image: Florence Jan / Gizmodo US

I never thought the day would come when I would have a virtual pet in the camera notch! Reddit user’s masterpiece, you can use it by downloading the app. Dogs and cats are free, other animals have in-app purchases.

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