BJP vs ‘Adipurushi’; If the scenes are not changed, legal action will be taken Madhya Pradesh home minister claims ‘Adipurush’ depicts Hindu gods wrongly,

Bhopal: After releasing the teaser, ‘Adipurush’ directed by Om Raut starring Prabhas is full of trolls. Cartoon-like VFX scenes have led to widespread trolling. Following this, BJP has also presented criticism against the film.

BJP has issued a warning to the makers of the film, accusing them of portraying Hindu gods in a bad way. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra himself has come forward stating that he will take legal action against the film if it demonizes Hindu gods.

I had seen the trailer of Adipurush. There are many unpleasant scenes in the film. Narottam Mishra said that the appearance and clothes of the Hindu Gods shown in the film are never acceptable.

He pointed out that Hanuman is shown wearing leather sandals in the picture. Not so in mythology. There are many such scenes. I am writing to the director Om Raut asking him to remove all these. Narottam Mishra said that legal action will be taken if these scenes are not avoided.

(Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra)

BJP spokesperson Malvika Avinash also came forward to criticize Adipurush. The demon king Ravana is shown in a misleading manner in the film. Ravana is a Brahmin devoted to Shiva. The blue-eyed Ravana’s character in the film wears a leather jacket. Turkey is like a dictator. They are making a film of our history. There is no right to do anything in the name of freedom of expression – says Malvika Avinash.

Ever since the release of the trailer, the VFX scenes in the film have led to widespread trolls. After this, a company called NY VFX Wala came into the picture saying that they were not doing the VFX work for the film. NY VFX Wala is a VFX company owned by actor Ajay Devgn. The NY VFX Walla note says that they did not VFX the film and they are making this clarification because many media asked them after the teaser.

Movie websites are reporting that even hero Prabhas got angry after seeing the trailer of Adipurush. The budget of the film is 500 crores, where VFX is very important. The reaction of Malayalee critics is that even the serials shown on Kochu TV for children are of a higher standard than this. They say even the mobile game Temple Run has better VFX than this.

Directed by Om Raut, the film tells the story of the battle between Rama and Ravana. Prabhas plays the role of Raghava and Saif Ali Khan plays the villain Lankesh. Kriti Sanon as Janaki. Sunny Singh as Laxman. Devadatta Nage as Hanuman. The makers claim that Adipurush is one of the highest grossing films in India.

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