Bomb threat to Iranian passenger plane; Indian Sukhoi built a fortress in the air – Bomb Threat On Iran-China Flight | Jaipur | Iran | China

NEW DELHI: An Iranian Mahan Air plane received a bomb threat while flying over India, causing panic. Although the threat was later proven false, the plane was escorted by Air Force fighter jets until it crossed Indian airspace.

At 9.20 am, Lahore Air Traffic Control informed Delhi Air Traffic Control that there was a bomb threat to the flight from Tehran, Iran to Guangzhou, China. The Air Force immediately fielded 2 Sukhoi fighter jets. They flew behind the Iranian plane on both sides.

The pilot of the plane from Iran replied that he was flying to Goungchou, although the Indian authorities said that he would be allowed to land somewhere in Jaipur and Chandigarh. Iran later informed India that the threat was false. The Sukhoi planes turned back after confirming that the plane had crossed Indian airspace and entered Bangladesh.

Apart from the Air Force, the Ministry of Aviation and the Aviation Safety Office also closely monitored the plane. Airports and army bases in North India have been put on high alert. Emergency response systems have also been prepared at the airports.

English Summary: Bomb Threat on Iran-China Flight

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