Brutal woman arrested with hammer to death ex-landlord After being caught stealing more than 1.5 million baht | Daily News

On September 26, 2022, Massachusetts Police arrested and charged Xiufang Ke, 43, with murdering Leonard Garber, 65, at his home in Mount Vernon Terrace, West Village, Newton, Newton City, Massachusetts Authorities believe the murder took place . last week

On Monday, September 24, 2022, the brother of the deceased reported that his brother disappeared Then the Newton Police searched for Garber at his address three times, but they only found blood stains inside the house. In the last search

Officers later found Garber’s body inside his home. The body was wrapped in a sheet, and building materials and other items were covered over it to cover the remains. Officers assumed that the body had probably stayed there for a few days in such a way that it wanted to hide from the prying eyes of those who entered the house.

from the preliminary investigation Authorities believe that Garber was fatally wounded from the impact with hard, blunt force.

The investigation team later obtained additional evidence from CCTV footage. He revealed a photo of Xiufang Ke entering the Garber home last Thursday night. and he came back 2 days later wearing plastic gloves and has a brown paper bag with him

The investigative team found that Garber had known and was in a relationship with Xuefang Ke, who used to rent his house. And with a shared bank account, Xiu stole money from that bank account by forging checks. to raise money in the amount of 40,000 US dollars or more than 1.5 million baht

The police suspect that the murder happened after Garber questioned Xiu about the money she had stolen between Thursday and Saturday last week. She was arrested at Newton Police Department headquarters on September 26, where she later confessed. both stealing money and murder The judge had to report the charges against her through a translator.

State Attorney Julie Kankel said: During questioning, Xiu admitted to stealing a check from Garber and killing him with a hammer, It was later discovered that she had forged Garber’s check for $18,000 (about 679,000 baht) to pay off the gambling debt earlier this year.


Image credit: 7NEWS Boston.

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