Caught! Thieves steal 36 baht gold at Lotus Klong department store 4. Get the high point Take money to organize a fishing trip in Andaman.

Pathum Thani / Caught! Thieves steal 36 baht gold at Lotus Klong department store 4. Get the high point Take money to organize a fishing trip in Andaman.

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At 12:00 noon on 7 October 2022 The Maj. Gen. Peerapong Wongsaman, Deputy Head of Region 1 Police Colonel Peeraphon Chotikasthian, Pathum Thani Provincial Police Deputy Commander. Lieutenant Colonel Yuthaphum Phoudom, Deputy Superintendent of Thanyaburi Police Station, Lieutenant Colonel Decha Saenwa, Senator of Thanyaburi Police Station. with the police investigative team, Thanyaburi Police Station, Pathum Thani Police Investigation police investigation part 1 Naphat, 26 years old, residents of Lam Sai Sub-District, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province.

gold thief

Pol Maj Gen Peerapong Wongsaman, Deputy Commissioner of Region 1, investigates the criminals.

Accused of picking up BB guns to win gold Yaowarat gold shop, Bangkok, Khlong Si branch, at Tesco Lotus, Khlong Si, Moo 4, Bueng Yeetho Sub-District, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province, pulled a gun to threaten a girl panning for gold, total of 16 lines, 2 baht each, total 36 baht. The incident happened at 19.00 pm on the 28th of September. According to Thanyaburi Provincial Criminal Court arrest warrant No. 548/2565 dated October 3, 2022

Charged with “burglary at night, armed, using a vehicle to facilitate the commission of a crime or taking that property away or without arrest” after the suspect was arrested at a tourist port in Phang Nga Before being detained for investigation, expand the search results of the medium at the Thanyaburi Police Station

Pol Maj Gen Peerapong said Thanyaburi Police Station Pathum Thani Provincial Police Officer District 1 Police Investigator and Phang Nga Provincial Police Together, the suspects were arrested from Ching Thong at the port of Phang Nga Province. The accused escaped for 3-4 days, embarking on a long booked fishing trip. Initially, the accused pleaded guilty during the process of expanding the medium’s findings that some gold was being sold. The accused had a history of drug possession and was arrested twice.

For the behavior of Mr. Naphat, the villain had planned before taking the gold in Yaowarat gold shop, Bangkok, Khlong Si, the villain drove the car. A motorcycle came to see Lad Lao 2 days before, then on September 28, 65, the criminal drove the motorcycle to the park and entered a gold rush and drove the motorcycle away.

Police examined CCTV and found the offender’s motorbike turning towards the motorway before the suspect’s motorbike disappeared along Khlong Luang Road. The police thoroughly examined the CCTV cameras. until it was found that the criminals had left the pickup truck with a solid van parked then the car picked up The motorcyclist used to cause the gold rush was picked up into a solid pickup truck and driven away.

The accused claimed he owed money collected from a group of friends in Saraburi. who organized fishing trips to take all the money So, the plan was to create an event to win the gold in the gold shop. Take some gold ingots and sell them to pay for the boat in the amount of 70,000 baht and buy fishing gear for over 100,000 baht. The police found the accused, it was found that the accused had fled to a fishing boat in Phang Nga province.

Therefore, the police were brought together with the coordination of Police District 8. and Phang Nga Provincial Police In order to arrest the accused in a tourist port in Phang Nga province. after the ship has docked before being brought in for further investigation And he will bring the accused to make a plan to make a confession at the scene again in the evening of the same day.

From the investigation of the accused after the crime, the next day, they took 2 gold strings from melting in their accommodation and gave them to a friend to sell them in Khlong Sip Song for 50,000 baht. The next day, 4 strings gold weighing 8 baht. melted them down and sold them to a friend in the shop But the gold shop didn’t dare to buy it. So he went to sell it to another friend for 22,000 baht.

Then, on October 2, take 3 gold bars weighing 2 baht to sell and exchange them at a gold shop. Khlong Si gets 1 heavy gold ring before selling it for 27,400 baht and takes another gold for his wife to sell for 52,0000 baht. Then escapes to Chumphon to sell the gold for 50,000 baht. It all went on a boat trip for a fishing trip in Phang Nga Province with a group of friends.

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