Chen Xiang’s live broadcast of the same Lian Mai session of Kuainan’s re-examination and Li Wei’s past has attracted heated discussions |

Chen Xiang’s live broadcast of Lian Mai the same session of fast men

Sina Entertainment News Recently, Chen Xiang even joined the “fast boy” Mai brothers in 2010 martial arts during the live broadcast[微博]Li Xingliang, Liu Xin[微博], Tan Jiexi, and the current champion Li Wei. In the live broadcast, due to the delay of Li Wei’s appearance, Chen Xiang complained: “Li Wei has been a bit Buddhist recently.” Later, he even scoffed: “Wake up[微博]After the fire, Li Wei didn’t even appear. “After Li Wei went online, Chen Xiang reminded netizens: “Everyone is not allowed to swipe that person’s name (Su Xing), this is actually a trivial matter between men.”

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